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Maybe I'm dense or ignorant or something, but what I was looking for is a video download manager that will download the video running in the main window of the page I'm on and not present me with a list of 20 or so download links with no clear indication of what each one is. If you're looking for something that will download every stray link on the page no matter how useless or irrelevant it is, then look no further. If what you're looking for is a video downloader with a flat learning curve and the ability to zero in on the one important link on the page, this isn't it. Like I said, maybe I'm a bonehead or something, but there are other download helpers that actually do the job I want them to do, even if they are slower than this.

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Has great potential- but not useful to me as-is Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

The only real redeeming quality for me is the download accelerator (when it works).

The naming scheme for downloaded media files is irritatingly pathetic. It is unable to capture the description or title text (EVERY other downloader I've used can provide me a fairly reasonable file name). This is horrendous!

AND- as another commenter reported: the links to beta version, and other stuff on the product homepage do NOT work! If they don't want to give it out, why publicize it's availability SO intensely?!

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I can't really maximize my internet downloads without this, it's a must have.
Thank you.

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Please add progress download in statusbar and add automatic open download folder in explorer after dowload file.

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I have found this a game changing addon! I can down load large reports which have been broken up into chapters in one hit. However, I do need to select which parts of the page are to be downloaded, so what? It is a great add-on!

Ridiculous! Unfounded "Developer’s Comments" Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Citation: "DownThemAll! 3.0 Beta versions are available from"
Wrong! The respective Links on DOES NOT WORK / ARE NOT EXISTENT

Citation: "All releases are also available from:"
Wrong! This Link too DOES NOT WORK / IS NOT EXISTENT / 504 Gateway Time-out

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On some pages, this works great!

But, on other pages, it tries to download java-script and empty folders, instead of letting me see the webpage being called. This makes it impossible to use on some of the websites I go to frequently. (Like the Daily Deal on, I don't want to download the java script that calls up today's special, I just want to see it!) For that reason, I've had to Disable this Add-On. There is nowhere to choose what extensions this works on that is readable or usable. Nor is there a reasonable way to contact anybody that might support this Add-On, either. Their "bug report" thing is too complex and convoluted, like something the development team should fill out for themselves, instead of a simple end-user.

This is a great idea, but it still needs a lot of work before it's ready for release!

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downthemall can open but does doesn't work,i can't download anything

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an amazing download manager!
like many have used for years...
gladly donated back then, still worth every cent!

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I think this extension should be stripped of its geeky features and integrated in FF to be the default download manager.

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Used for years can't download without it.

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Koolest addon EVER!

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I love this, use it daily. This is a suggestion, can you update DTA to be compatible with the new version of DownloadHelper (dwhelper) add on? Thanks so much Nils!!

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Firefox lags heavily while reserving the space for a very large file...

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Лучший менеджер загрузки!

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Good. Working on all my devices.

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The most useful addon for firefox. Just love it! Thanks guys!