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This is THE BEST GREEN EVER! And I've tried all of them over the past several years, too. It's crisp and clear, is perfectly visible in bright or low light and with a whole range of text and icon colors, and also works really well with various tab and site colors as well. All of this artist's solid themes are excellent and are very carefully coordinated internally with just the right balance and color saturation, but this one really is THE BEST GREEN EVER!

reply to your Bottle-glass green Mozilla persona review

Dear Maxxm,

Thank you very much for taking time to enjoy and review this bottle-glass Mozilla persona I’ve humbly crafted for my own personal use. It takes me an hour in 2-3 months to conjure those themes in packs that can really brighten up my daily key-tapping routine.

It’s great to realize someone in the world can really take pleasure in experiencing simple archetypical things as simple and solid as a bottle glass. What else do you like or venture to explore in design and color?