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The most useful extension for Firefox, I just downgraded from v57 after seeing its gone. I like the new version of Firefox but this extension is worth it.

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I've used your Bluhell Firewall for a very long time now but FireFox has seen fit to not allow your fantastic 5 star program to work on their awful version 57.
Would love to see an update since the replacements I've found don't come close to your program.
Thank you for your time and effort.

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bluhell saved me from more than one nasty encounter. What am I supposed to do now that the updated version of firefox does not allow it.

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It's the best. It's fast, it's effective, and it has been the best ad blocker I've ever downloaded. 9,000,000,000/5 stars

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Spent an hour; forgot the name; retrieving this excellent product which I have been using for three years after a crash.

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well ive used this add on for a very long time but the last update sudden broke numerous manga sites making the images unable to load it took be awhile from sorting through other ad blockers and having to find other non blocked manga sites to realize this simple quiet ad blocker was what broke them so please fix this

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Excellent. Blocks ads and doesn't slow things down.
Will this be available for FF 57?

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Thank you firefox....

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Diego...what Bluhell really needs is a whitelist. Can you please comment if this is in the works? Otherwise Bluhell works great...and would be 5 stars if there was a whitelist....thanks!

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Very needed (at least for me) because:

- antiAdBlockers not seeing it - it is the only one such add-on
I have found...
- it is very tiny
- Firefox just "flying" through the most sites skiping most Ads...

Now the Bad side (for all of us - not for Bluhell Firewall):

Ad makers are always in search for something to do their
Ads not to be blocked.

My wish to developer is to make some
"Very mischievous Ad" mailbox or link in the add-on menu. Well, it is Your choice - how to implement this thing,
but now:

- I am writing this comment substantially to wish YOU add Very annoing me in these latter days
"Ads by coinzilla"!

Thank You Very much, Diego Casorran for updating this addon (cause I see some changes sometimes and I hope
this is not my imagination)!

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I didn't realize how great this ad blocker/firewall was until it needed to be updated for firefox 57. I feel like I have a virus without it, but it's just paid advertising. Other Ad blocker options are kind of annoying.

Einfache erhöhte Sicherheit Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Ein sehr wichtiges Addon für den Firefox.
Bitte aktualisiere für Firefox Beta Android und den neuen Firefox 57. Vielen Dank!

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Please update for Firefox Beta Android and the new Firefox 57. Thank you!

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Superb, lightweight and efficient. Without it my Firefox slows down to a crawl.

Question: Will you be updating it as a webextension for Firefox for Android 57(Quantum) by November 14 or perhaps sooner for Firefox for Android Beta?

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Bluhell is fast and rids of most malweb traps. I didn't get any serious malware or attack from internet browsing since i use it.
Would be nice with a whitelist feature, but then again, would it be as fast?

Thanks and keep the good work!

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Essential for browsing a clean Internet.

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It seems to work half the time at least. But one of the things I dislike most is not being able to whitelist domains. For instance, I use a service called New Relic on my web servers to gather usage and performance data. To view the data, I need to be on their website. But this plugin seems to block the entire site from loading. It would be nice if - while on the site - I could click a menu option to whitelist the domain.

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Not understanding why I am unable to add this yo current Firefox browser!!! Please update!!

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