Colorful and beautiful

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This is beautiful! All 3 of my granddaughters have aspergers and one didn't find out til she was 14, she is now in college and made the Deans List! All 3 are the most fantastic young ladies you could ever meet! I couldn't be prouder of them. The poem that went with this was perfect and touched me so, knowing what she went through until she found out why she was "not different, better"!

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This touched me so much because it my 14 yr old son has aspergers among other things. It took me 2 yrs begging his docs to investigate aspergers as a possible diagnosis.....he was suffering so much and I'd researched enough to know he had it. Sad to say it took him having a total meltdown, attacking a cop, and being put in juvenile detention before they diagnosed him. Now,as of yesterday, he's finally gonna get the treatment he needs!

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