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A little background:
I use bookmarks to keep track of all the videos I've watched (when my history forgets I've watched something) - these bookmarks are set on the pure url (before ?'s are added). (My places.sqlite is 130 MB and broken beyond repair btw)

But recently the video site started appending ?ref= junk to the end of all their search results, which would've made it a nightmare for me to figure "have I visited this before?" as I could no longer right click-bookmark to see if I had a bookmark from long ago or not.

This addon fixes that. Instead of having the search page filled with links with ?ref at the end, they're all pure urls. Right-clicking on links and checking bookmarks works for me again.Now in addition, if I've previously visited a page and somewhere else on the site I get "this was suggested for you" with a link having random other ?ref stuff, I can add that to the filter and as a result, the link shows up as visited.

This addon has saved me today. And it's going to save me time and concentration in the future.

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