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World Clock

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It's a glorified bookmark. No options or customization to speak of. Click on an icon and go to their website. That's it. Move along.

Twitbin - Twitter Sidebar for Firefox

Too many issues make it unusable Ohodnoceno 2 z 5 hvězdiček

At first, I thought this was a pretty good app. Like many others, I'm also looking for a Firefox replacement for Echofon. It looked like it had a lot of potential, with only sound notifications, in-line thumbnails for photos and nearly real-time updating missing from the Echofon experience. But of course it was too good to be true.

The first problem I noticed was that if I clicked the close button, Twitbin would log off and I would have to click on my username and type my password in again. You're supposed to click on the Twitbin icon to close it without logging off.

You have to click on the log-in button after you type your password because the enter key does nothing. Also, if you type your password in wrong, it says "Iconrrect Password". That looks really unprofessional. Also, if you accidentally close it, the Twitbin icon that shows the number of unread tweets doesn't work anymore. I assume it starts working again if you log in after restarting Firefox.

I liked that I was able to view my feed on the right side of my browser instead of left, but it feels like some workaround tricks were used for it to work in the sidebar. In other words, it doesn't utilize a Firefox sidebar properly. When I tried to look at my history in the sidebar, it didn't work. I'm not even sure how I got it working. Click this, log off Twitbin, close Twitbin, click history, click history again, close history. Something like that. Once I got my history to appear, I couldn't get Twitbin to reappear. More trial and error to get it working again. But it is this reason that I've given up on it for now. I really hope these issues are fixed so I can give it another try.

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Yoono: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube GTalk AIM

Tried it for a while, but the cons outweighed the pros Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Like many others, I was looking for a replacement for my now defunct Firefox Twitter app, Echofon. There's many things Yoono gets right, like feeds for multiple networks, reasonably fast updates and sound notification. But it gets so many things wrong.

Firstly, you aren't allowed to choose a custom sound, you can only choose from a handful of sounds they've selected for you, many of which don't sound terribly appealing. It's a small complaint, but the lack of customization options really makes what your apps cannot do stand out.

My next problem is how Yoono can only operate if always visible. If you click the toolbar icon, Yoono shuts off and you do not get any updates. If Yoono is on, you either have a vertical stripe toolbar on the left side with not so informative icons or your feed visible. I have a huge problem with the stripe because it adds a horizontal scrollbar to every page. It would be much better if you could choose from a set of multifunction icons that you could place on your normal toolbar wherever you wished. With Echofon, it only had the one icon that would turn blue and show how many unread tweets that you could also right click to log off, change preferences, etc. It's much simpler and unobtrusive that way.

But these problems, I could learn to live with them if it wasn't for the clunky, crippling speed that Yoono operated at. It is the most ridiculously slow app I've ever had for Firefox. Even with the toolbar stripe open, it would take at least 10 seconds for your feed to show up. Not only that, but it has this annoying hidden scroll bar that would move in twitchy, jittery chunks that make it hard to follow where you are if you tried to scroll with the mouse wheel. The only way to scroll smoothly is to mouseover the lower right of the app until the scroll button appeared, then click that and then click and hold onto the scrollbar slider that appears. This is a dealbreaker.

I hope they improve this in the future enough for me to revisit, but for now, I'm better off just reading tweets on the Twitter website.

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Tab Mix Plus

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This should be built into Firefox as a normal feature. The only thing missing is the way regular Firefox 4 smoothly scrolls tabs with several frames of movement while I scroll the tabs with my mouse wheel. It feels much more tactile that way. Hopefully we'll see that within future updates.

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