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Gmelius for Gmail v.5 [Deprecated]

Not working Ohodnoceno 1 z 5 hvězdiček

Although sounds a wonderful add-on, it doesn't work for me: I am not able to save my setups - i clicked on the damn "save changes" 1000 times for nothing.
Their support site is not working either. How can i complain, other than posting here?
My spec: Win XP SP3 with all updates, 'cause is a corporate PC / FF 30.0 / i am behind a firewall / I have 52 active add-ons.

Florian, pls. fix this issue - maybe you can recode it to allow user to save automatically its preferences on each moase click, without "save" button need. And OTP - pls put somewhere a zip file with crx extension for chrome because i use Coolnovo browser instead of Chrome and it doesn't allow me to install Gmelius.

Tx and regards.