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Japanese Tattoo

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Exquisite. Functional and appealing through many versions of Firefox.

WOT - Bezpečné Surfování

An interesting way of pan-rating the internet Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Oh dear. Reading the other reviews, it seems this add-on is suffering the fate of every internet ratings system ever built.

I've used WOT for a few years, and did notice potential for "gaming" of WOT as a ratings system when I first installed it. I decided to give it a go anyway and still use it alongside another add-on that rates websites according to three types of specific threat, annoyance factor and whether the site has been verified secure. At the moment WOT seems to return results consistent with the other add-on's measures.

My main point to offer is this. While internet rating systems can produce questionable results and be prone to "gaming", system generated bias can also be off-set to an extent by ratings system design. For example, user generated ratings systems showing actual numbers of user-raters beside a five point (or even two point) rating scale can inform user-viewers more than a system showing only a rating out of five. So, a rating system that tells me 600 people think the product or website is wonderful beyond their dreams while 300 people think it's a nightmare and another 52 are ambivalent... would tend to suggest to me that some controversy is involved. A user alerted to controversy might then decide whether the rating indicates risk to software, or some form of severe social harm, or a hot political topic that people disagree about (depending on the name of the website and search engine content about the website or related articles or even user comments about an add-on), or just general confusion among people who are unfamiliar with (and understandably wary about) some new thing. In other words, informed decisions are made by looking at a variety of parts.

To me WOT is an interesting tool for finding out what people trust, and what they won't, but if you're looking for something to protect you from viruses and malware and other stuff that might break your machine (and empty your accounts) then just install some standard security software.

In terms of operating smoothly, WOT doesn't seem to slow down Firefox in my experience (although it could slow down browsing for those who become consistent WOT raters and choose to rate everything visited).

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (20120827.1-signed).