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I have started to study computer science in 2001, at which time i was still a die-hard windows user and developer. But being at a (technical) university really opens your mind and I quickly began using Linux and loving the idea of open source. Since then i have contributed to lots of open source projects until I finally created my own project - Vimperator. Now I see myself, how motivating it is to have a nice community and other people contributing code or money. Open source just rules. :)

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Vimperator Vyžaduje restart

Make Firefox look and behave like Vim

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10 016 uživatelů

Muttator Vyžaduje restart

Make Thunderbird behave like Vim

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340 uživatelů

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Custom Tab Width

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Finally my Firefox4 is usable again with many tabs. The tab scrolling is probably the worst UI decision i have seen in a long time, and didn't even think about it until my beloved browser.tabs.minWidth setting stopped working. It's still sad you need an add-on now which used to work "out-of-the-box" in older Firefoxes.

Fast Dial

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Works like a charm, very nice addon

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.90).