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App Button Color

A Useful, Tiny, and Restartless Extension Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I've been using this 2 KB(?!) restartless extension not only to better coordinate the color of the app button with my Firefox theme, but also to give myself a quick visual indicator for which profile/installation I'm running. It's quite useful in that regard.

Since there isn't currently a contact or support link for this extension, I'll leave this small suggestion here. There's a bit of yellow-ish shading around the inner edges of the app button that appears on mouse-over (carried over from the default button styling, I assume). While yellow works with the orange default, something like translucent white hover shading may work better with the custom colors.

RSS Icon In Awesombar

The Best at What It Does Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

There are a few extensions very similar to "RSS Icon In Awesombar" but here's why this one is the best:

First of all, the feed icon is placed in the correct position within the location bar-- specifically, just to the LEFT of the star icon. That's where the default feed icon appeared in Firefox 3.6 and it still makes sense for Firefox 4. This placement is less visually jarring than if the feed icon were to appear to the right of the star, causing the star to shift left and right depending on the active tab & feed availability.

Secondly, the feed icon included with this extension is of high quality. The design is true to the old default icon, and it includes "hover" and "active" states for added polish.

Lastly, not only does this extension work well, it works well with other Firefox themes (NASA Night Launch, most importantly).

Thank you very much for such a well-executed extension, JasnaPaka. :-)