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The extension does what it is supposed to, but it's a bit annoying how the menu below the urlbar gets completely erased, then completely redrawn with each keypress (at least on 'slim' mode). There are other similar extensions (foobar and Awesomebar-2) that don't do the blinking menu big (but omnibar seems more stable... fewer bugs).

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I tried one other combo-bar extension before this but abandoned it because it was so slow. In my experience, foobar actually speeds up firefox response to my typing in the url bar. Great job

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Open With

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This extension makes it convenient to load a page in another browser. The extension is simple... it does one thing and does it well. I'd prefer the browsers to be a submenu of File, below the other Open entries... so "Open Location", "Open File", "Open current page in browser ->", but it's OK that it's in View, instead.

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Clear highlight of search results Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I grabbed the extension for the safari-3-like search results, rather than the Japanese search. It works as promised, and doesn't slow down my browser. It seems fairly intelligent about turning the page dimming back off, as well.

If possible, It would be great to be able to alter what search results look like... using css or a color-picker dialog, etc. It would also be great to have a version that only does the safari search

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