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Memory Fox

It works but why do we need it????? Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Here is what I don't get:
1. I'm a vanilla FFX user.
2. the M-F author him/her self says it was never meant to be a permanent solution.
3. but it really works.
4. when I leave FFX running overnight with perhaps 8 mostly-text tabs
a. without M-F, despite setting cache to 10MB and seeing 200MB in the W7 Task Manager when I go to bed, I see 750MB when I get up the next morning.
b. with M-F set for FFX only, same scenario, same tabs, FFX shows up with 100MB the next morning, stays around 150MB during the day, and drops to around 90MB when I minimize FFX.
5. There is something wrong with FFX memory management.
6. There is something wrong with the FFX development group's handling of FFX's memory management.
7. I use FFX because it sticks to its promise not to keep trying to sell me something and it doesn't make my life difficult if I don't do it their way, like GDrive does if you don't use Chrome.
8. the years-long, constantly bitched about, memory hog issue remaining unresolved shows that you get what you pay for.
9. maybe it's time for a good $5 browser that doesn't do constant version changes, actually works, and doesn't have a million add-ons that no one uses anyway.
10. here's my $5.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (7.4.1-signed).