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WiseStamp - Email signatures

How I save time with WiseStamp Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Do you use Gmail? If so, you must have this add-on! Wisestamp saves so much time. I have setup a work and a personal signature, so depending upon whether I am using Google Apps Gmail (work) or just standard Gmail (personal), I have a quick way of sending people my contact info. I like the fact that I can include my social network and IM links. I can use the same account for work and home and just choose which to set within each version of gmail. <br>

What I find most time,saving is the fact I can include details to my web conference line. I used to have a notepad text snippet that I would have to copy and paste. Now it is automatically there in my email that I can send to people. That saves so much time!
It is by far one of the most used add-ons that I have installed. Try it for yourself.

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