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I am so glad I figured out to come back here -- Notefish is upated for Firefox 3.0!!! I'm dancing around my computer singing! I've been without it since Tuesday afternoon, I asked Firefox to check for updates and also went to the page that seems to be the home page for notefish, neither of them worked for Firefox 3.0.

I love Notefish. At first I was a bit hesitant to register, but it's so handy. I've been able to access my Notefish pages even while the plugin didn't work. It's handy to have a place so if I come across this huge long web page and I only need a snippet of it, I can copy that snippet to a place where I'll easily be able to find it again, and it stores the link too so if I later realize I need more on that same page, I can just click and go back there. And I love how you can organize your page, re-arrange the snippets in whatever order you want, add your own notes, etc. What a great tool. I can't believe more people don't know about this one!

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I haven't tried this, but -- for those who like it can want Firefox 3, do you know you can put a folder on your regular Firefox bookmark toolbar? Or even several folders, with folders inside of them. Don't make too many or Firefox loads slower, but you can put several folders of frequently visited sites (plus the ones on the bookmark toolbar itself -- and you can fit a lot of them on the toolbar if you abbreviate the names that go with the icons). This seems very similar to what the description of this add-on says it does. I hope this helps someone. I'll check back and see if this one gets updated for 3.0 but since there's a note saying that might not be for awhile I thought my comment might help someone in the meantime.