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NoScript Security Suite

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this is a super nice add-ons that I really like yourself can set the filters you have. Thanks to noscript life have less problems.
it works as a safety element.
and where else should necessarily protect ..
the websites with malicious scripts are still very common for this type of attack.
Thanks for your attention greetings.

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Adblock Plus

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You are visitor 1,000,000! Get your gift here and so that's what I saw on my screen but surf
in my opinion you and many of us also went through these ads which is very horrible.
but thanks to this Adblock Plus which is super good but will not have this problem .. because that will leave no annoying advertising but this is my best add-ons and hopefully also be of you. less pirates malware pages. greetings and thanks for the attencion.

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most of my life and used ftp to day of today I still often use the program always installed at once cumbersome but when I met this add-ons I changed a lot for its ease of use and transport
nothing more practical and simple veanlo assure you they give it to the test pc :) thanks.

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WindowShopper - Discover Visually

I use it and I do well Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

since I use and I had very good changes are much easier for all online shopping was easier and buying more fun now that you compare prices easily something like having a big seller in front of you that tells you how and why you buy. For my part I recommend this add-ons greetings to all take care and thanks for the attention :)

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