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You can get a version that will work with Firefox 3.6 from


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Firefox 3.5 updated version.
This is the second updated version of this add-on for Firefox 3.5 that I have posted. One person reported they could not install the first one on a Mac. I have re-written the installation files for this version but do not have a Mac to test it on. It is available from
You need to download the file, and then in Firefox use "File > Open File" and open the file you downloaded to install it.


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I hope Stephen Clavering does an official update. I have updated a copy of this add-on allowing it to be installed in Firefox 3.5. I also included a couple of bug fixes for the add-on that were detailed in the bugzilla bug reports. You can download this version from (I have used shrink link to avoid posting a long link)
To install it first download the file (cards-0.98-fx-updated.xpi), then in Firefox use "File>Open File" and open the file.


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I do a lot of posting in forums that use TikiWiki format. The custom tags option is very useful for me.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (0.5).