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Give as you Live Donation Reminder

Every Charity should know about this Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

When you are buying on-line "Give as you live" watches what you search for and provides additional search results from sellers who are prepared to make a donation to your chosen charity. It does not cost you anything and still leaves you free to buy from anywhere you want. You have nothing to lose except the time taken to install the app. It's a new system so at present it only works in the UK but already major retailers like Tesco are signed up. If you support a charity you should tell them about this; its an easy way for all their supporters to raise serious cash whilst surfing. As a user its very easy to use except that you have to agree to each supplier donating before they will be sent the request but that is not hard. Even my 85 year old mother can use it! Its just like using an on-line reward card like Nectar or or Tesco Club Card but instead of you getting points your charity gets cash. Each time you are told how much your activities have raised for your charity so far.

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