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I'm a Firefox/Google Chrome addict.

I love drawing, playing video games, surfing the internet, hanging out, traveling, and visiting theme parks and riding roller coasters.

I'm a Facebook addict and you can find my Facebook page here. --> http://www.facebook.com/dans.awesome.artwork <-- Become a fan and tell the world!

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God of War

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I love those icons so much! This is a pretty awesome theme.

My biggest gripe is that, while the icons look great, they're a bit too big for the toolbar and everything tends to get squished off to the side. Maybe if they were a bit smaller, I'd give it 5 stars.

YouTube mp3

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

- Almost Everything

- Button is sometimes hard to see

This is the perfect alternative to YouTube to MP3. Downloads aren't always fast, but unlike YouTube to MP3, I don't have to wait forever in a conversion queue and the video downloads itself right away.

My only gripe is to make the convert to mp3 button a little easier to see. It took some time to find it because it kinda blends in with the YT layout (not sure if that's a good thing or not). Highly recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.0.1). 

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

- World's first image search engine?... Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
- Really useful when trying to find the source of some images.
- I love the mascot. ^_^

- Library is still small. Hopefully the image database grows bigger and bigger.

Highly recommended... While the image database is still small (compared to the total number of images on the internet), this is still a useful tool.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.0.1-signed). 


Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I love this add on...

- Does exactly what it says on the tin. Really useful for grabbing images off pages where you can't right click.
- Easy to use interface. Just click and go.
- Saving portions of web pages is easy to use. Just select the area you want to capture and save.

- Sometimes selection doesn't work.
- Cannot grab Flash files, but I can Print Screen those.

Solid add-on... Easy to use, unintrusive, simply awesome. Highly recommended.

Fast Search by Surf Canyon

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Probably THE best search engine add on ever created.

This add on is perfect for students that have homework online or for people that have to do heavy research.

By bringing up results buried deep into the search, it saves time trying to dig through hundreds of pages trying to find relevant results.

The biggest con is that the results only appear on the first page and clicking to other pages will expand the first page (or sometimes do nothing at all).

Overall: Highly recommended

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (3.0.6). 


Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Ever since using Opera on a school computer, choppy scrolling has always bugged me. This app fixes everything. The page doesn't have choppy scroll and it feels great.

A bit of constructive criticism... I would love to see support for smooth scrolling when pressing Pg-Up and Pg-Down.

Overall highly recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku ( 


Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

So useful in getting all those Flash ads that seem to avoid AdBlock+ this add on is perfect.

You have to click through once to access Flash objects that I want to run.

Overall awesome at blocking stupid flash ads that slow the browser down and ABP seems to avoid. Works well in conjunction with ABP. Highly recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.5.13). 

Personas Plus

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

- Cool themes/skins to choose from
- User friendly
- Great app for the kind of person that hasn't chosen a theme to stick to yet but wants to experiment (like me).

- Sometimes colors contrast with icons on my favorites toolbar.

Overall, very good app. I've never been forced to restart my browser like everybody else claims when changing themes. It doesn't conflict with my browsing experience and it provides some very nice-looking themes as opposed to the original colors. Highly recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.5.1). 

YouTube to MP3

Ohodnoceno 3 z 5 hvězdiček

- This app is awesome. It completely cuts out any wasted time downloading the .flv file and converting it, which often takes forever.
- When it works, downloads are lightning fast.

- Server is always really busy, slowing load times.
- Sometimes doesn't recognize some YouTube videos for some reason.
- Downloads through a 3rd party site (doesn't bother me, but it does bother others).

I gave this app 3 stars simply because too many people use this app, causing download times to take forever. Waiting for the app to grab the video, waiting for a conversion slot, and waiting for the video to download can take from a few seconds on a good day to who knows how long on bad days. Other than that, the app is perfect... Recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.0.5). 

Download Statusbar

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

- Clean, easy to use
- No more annoying popup window whenever I want to download something
- Unintrusive

- None

Overall: The best application that I've used on Firefox so far. Makes me wonder why didn't Firefox come with something like this before? I hated the popup window that popped up every time I downloaded something. This app fixes everything! Highly recommended!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku ( 

Video DownloadHelper

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

- Very user friendly
- Extremely useful when downloading most Flash/image files
- Works for most Flash video sites

- Sometimes catches advertisements when trying to download certain videos
- Cannot read Flash videos from certain sites (Yahoo Music)

Overall - I love this application! Possibly one of if not the best FF video download apps. While there are some minor cons, this is an excellent app! Highly recommended....

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (4.6.5). 

Adblock Plus

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

I only gave this app 4 stars because some ads seem to dodge AdBlock+ and I can't block them (some ads which pop up when you hover your cursor over them and some Flash-based ads).

Also may be slightly confusing to use at first (at least for me), but once you get the hang of it, it's amazing!

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (1.1.2).