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Rob Holian

O mně

Informace o vývojáři
Jméno Rob Holian
Umístění Melbourne, Australia
Zaměstnání University Student
Domovská stránka
Zaregistrován(a) od Čec. 5, 2008
Počet vyvíjených doplňků 1 doplněk
Průměrné hodnocení doplňků vývojáře Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Doplňky, které jsem vytvořil

AvantGarde Vyžaduje restart

Take Firefox to the next level.

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček (81)
4 uživatelé

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Flying Machine

Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

Wow, this really is very different, isn't it? Everything works rather well, and does exactly what it should, except when something in one of the File, Edit, View, etc. windows is unavailable. Instead of the italics, perhaps you should make the text less opaque?

Also, I understand that your theme is about flying, but the animated clouds are a bit disconcerting, not to mention distracting.

But there are a lot of strengths here, namely those icons - they look fantastic. Please keep refining this marvellous piece of work.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (0.05). 

Ambient Fox Maroon

Ohodnoceno 4 z 5 hvězdiček

Well done on creating a very visually appealing red theme. It's not an easy colour to master, but you've handled it extremely well. There are a few small problems however.

The x-repeated background graphic isn't tall enough - if some users have other toolbars, for instance stumbleupon, you just get a black stripe. The icons in the bookmarks toolbar appear stretched, too.

There is also a bit of blue text in some of your drop-down menus (eg. Search) which I suspect may be because this theme was based on your Xyan theme, but you forgot to change this colour over to red. The History button is the only one that appears to move upon mouse-over, which is odd.

All in all though, it looks and works great! You must be very proud.


Ohodnoceno 5 z 5 hvězdiček

I love ColorfulTabs - it assists in making my colourful theme (avant.garde.10011) look just right. Every update is useful, and it keeps getting better and better. Well done, you deserve every good review.

Tato recenze je pro předchozí verzi doplňku (3.2).