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Mind the Time

Keep track of how much time you spend on the web, and where you spend it. A toolbar ticker shows the time spent at the current site or the total time spent on the web today. A summary page sums up data for the past 70 days, 10 weeks, and 6 months.

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Browsing Timer

An addon for reminding you your time is up after a certain period of time user specifies. It best tackles the problem of wasteful hours and hours long time of web browsing.

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Time Signal

A addon that signals you when you've spent too much

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Keyboard Surfing

Easy keyboard web browsing with computer assisted cursor home-in. Mouseless browsing. Smart cursor-based link selection, simple keyboard navigation, single-hand control, laptop friendly.

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Links Like This Vyžaduje restart

An extension that helps you to open sets of similar links in tabs at once.

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Awesome Facts Vyžaduje restart

Get an interesting fact delivered to you on every page you visit!

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