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DeskCam Vyžaduje restart

DeskCam - Easy Webcam Viewer
DeskCam allows you to easily look at your favourite webcams in just one click! Easy to customize, needs few clicks to setup.

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Similar Pages Vyžaduje restart

A web discovery and search addon
Surf the web with this sidebar to find up to 300 websites similar to the one you land on.
Immediate access to 200 million sites reccomendations.
Empower your daily Google search session through the Getmore feature.

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ClickCutter AutoSearch Vyžaduje restart

Highlight text and AUTOMATICALLY SEARCH it in your favorite search site.

- Automatic Copy of highlighted text
- Automatic search for highlighted text
- Middle button Paste

NO annoying context menus

Auto search

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Discover great websites and earn money with Wisedock: This Add-on simply sets Wisedock as your browser home page.
With Wisedock you automatically support social projects and earn some money.
Use this Add-on if you are located outside Europe.

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Websurf Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Websurf.cz rozšíření pro webový prohlížeč Firefox. Přejeme pohodlné surfování a mnoho kreditů!

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Suggy Addon Vyžaduje restart

Suggy identifies your interests, suggests new webpages and connects you with new people. Find out what you are interested in on the Web, discover new websites and people matching your interests, discuss & share your interests on the Web.

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Rifflex Vyžaduje restart

Enhance your surfing experience. Surf the web live with your friends with Rifflex.

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memosnag is a social bookmarking tool that lets you capture images, text, videos, links and page urls with a single click. memosnag also creates automatic academic-style citations for the content you snag.

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COVU. Never surf alone.

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