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RESTClient, a debugger for RESTful web services. Vyžaduje restart

Notice: some important features (XML indentation and load old saved requests) are missing in version 2.0.0, please update to version 2.0.1.

Please follow the link ("View other versions") below To install version 2.0.1.

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HttpRequester Vyžaduje restart

A tool for easily making HTTP requests (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE), viewing the responses, and keeping a history of transactions.

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A simple REST client for Firefox

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A REST client for the rest of us

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Header Tool Vyžaduje restart

Open in a sidebar or in a tab and write headers directly. Simplicity, JS substitution, built-in functions, encryption, and regexp support.
You can easy modify header on each HTTP call on the Mozilla Firefox.

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HTTP Resource Test Vyžaduje restart

Firefox extension for testing HTTP Resources

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JSON Diff View

Easily compare JSON objects. Highlight the differences using colours in a tree structure representing the diff.

Source code can be found at https://github.com/rafspiny/jsondiff/

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A REST client for almost any web service.

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Uppity Vyžaduje restart

Navigate up one level (directory). It will remove an in-page anchor, the querystring, the file, and the last directory in that order, whichever is first found...

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Take A Break Vyžaduje restart

Remind you to take a break when surfing the web. Keep yourself healthy.

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