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[privacy]defense Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Note: V2.0.15 has been approved! New features and a totally new simple UI.

[privacy]defense makes your browsing experience faster and cleaner by blocking privacy threats commonly found on websites. It also cuts down on data usage on your devices.

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No-Script Suite Lite

Block Scripts (and more) on Untrusted Websites

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Realtime IP Check

checks your ip periodically via webservice or custom script

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Certificate Patrol Vyžaduje restart

Your browser trusts many certification authorities and intermediate sub-authorities quietly, every time you enter an HTTPS web site. This add-on reveals when certificates are updated, so you can ensure it was a legitimate change.

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Piigeon Vyžaduje restart

Piigeon checks whether Web sites protect your passwords and other personal information as you browse the Web. Piigeon indicates this information to you as an icon so that you can decide whether you would like to use a site on your current network.

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Flashblocke Vyžaduje restart

Mantenga el bloqueo de contenido Flash automáticamente, impidiendo que éste se cargue en las páginas web.

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