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Science Stack - Academic Search Engine

Academic Search Engine for research paper from Mendeley and PloS. Science Stack provides is useful for finding relevant material and building a bibliography. You have a full scientific library at the click of a button.

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Google Material Design Paper Theme - Best Theme

Flat material theme. Minimal paddings, minimal borders, minimal colors.

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one-click-sci-hub Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

one-click-sci-hub adds the link to the copy of the paper on https://sci-hub.cc you are viewing to the top left corner of the webpage.

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Science Research Assistant Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Search for scientific information as quickly as possible while researching and writing scientific papers. Its algorithm summarizes the text on any web page, providing the most frequently used keywords and phrases and highlighting key information.

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Science Stack - Academic select and search Vyžaduje restart

Select a word or phrase, right click to search for related academic works. This addon is essential for bibliographies and research before starting a paper. A great way to access a whole library of information.

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