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PDF Download

Use PDF Download to do whatever you like with PDF files on the Web. Regain control and eliminate browser problems, view PDFs directly in Firefox as HTML, and use the all-new Web-to-PDF toolbar to save and share Web pages as high-quality PDF files.

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Extended Statusbar Nevyžaduje restart

Stavová lišta se zobrazením rychlosti, časem, velikostí a procenty načítání (podobné jako v Opeře).

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IE Tab + (FF 8+, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3.6, 3.5, SeaMonkey)

IE Tab + is an enhanced version of IE Tab. It supports FF 3.5 or greater, integrates IE Tab with Adblock Plus in the IE Tab engine, and synchronizes cookies between IE and Firefox. You can easily import settings from the original IE Tab into IE Tab +

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Open Image In New Tab

Adds right-click context menu item for opening images in new...

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Easy DragToGo

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try DragIt instead.

Allows you to open links in new tabs, and do more with drag and drop gestures easier.

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Lock and protect tabs.

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Super DragAndGo

Drag a link or anything like a uri (e.g. "abc.com" ), and throw it to anywhere blank on the webpage to open the it in a new...

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My-Mp search

Wyszukiwarka piosenek, video, tekstów oraz artykułów my-mp.pl . Możliwość słuchania, ściągania oraz dodawania piosenek do swoich playlist! Inaczej zwana jako wyszukiwarka mp3

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