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Unblock Youku


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FoxFilter Vyžaduje restart

Recently called "THE Parental Control for Firefox"! FoxFilter is a personal content filter that helps block pornographic and other inappropriate content. All filtering features are free! Premium features available with small support fee.

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Media Sniffer

This add-on automatically detects the video/audio being played in browser

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The Internet Movie Database.

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Companion Extension for your CouchPotato App.

To get CouchPotato go to https://couchpota.to.

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S tímto doplňkem snadno a rychle vyhledáte vaše data na serveru HellSpy.cz přímo přes váš prohlížeč.
- Filmy
- Hudbu
- Programy
- Videa xxx
A spoustu dalšího...

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CE Downloader Vyžaduje restart

YouTube、ニコニコ動画などの動画をダウンロードし、各種形式に変換、保存することができる動画専用ブラウザ Craving Explorer の変換、保存機能を Firefox から使用できるようにします。

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Search for Movies, Films and Video.

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Search plugin for TorrentReactor.NET (torrents search engine)

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Live Stream Notifier

Never miss the stream of your favorite creator again with this extension. You will get notifications for updates and get quick access to them from the toolbar. Works with most major streaming services, including Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

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iTunes Search

Search iTunes with Firefox

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File Search Engine

File Search Engine for major filesharing websites such as Rapidshare, Hotfile, Uploaded, Netload, Mediafire, 4shared, Easy-Share, Minus, Depositfiles, ...

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YouTube Search

YouTube Search - Desenvolvimento do add-on: EduRebecca - http://edurebecca.com

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Search YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace Videos and More!

Search videos from YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe, Dailymotion, MTV, Ebaumsworld, MySpace, Google, Bing, Yahoo and MORE great sites all on one simple page.

ZaPom searches virtually ALL of your favorite video websites at once and saves your precious time.

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TV-lanD Player Vyžaduje restart


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Flixster: Search Actor, Movie, Director

The Flixster Search add-on is a quick way to look up movies, actors and directors in Flixster.com

Plugin works on any version of Mozilla Firefox.
Compatible for IE 7 and up. Auto populate On.

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Amazon com

Amazon com search plugin. Searches on the US Amazon website.

This add-on takes part in the store affiliation programme.

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Amazon Italy (Italia)

Per cercare comodamente su Amazon Italia.

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Movie Reviews Finder

MovieReviewsFinder is a search engine for movie reviews.
[imdb, rottentomatoes, etc.]

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