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Google Reader New Style Minimalistic By DemianGod Nevyžaduje restart

Removes all the junk from New Google Reader and just gives you the search and collapsable subscriptions + favicons. By DemianGod

Also you can install the Script for GreaseMonkey.
Download from: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/30242

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Need more browsing space? Here is an alternative to fullscreen. Its fullscreen without fullscreen. Its minimode. Clicking Ctrl+F11 per default hides everything, except browsing area. You can however set it up so for example address bar is preserved

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Simply Pinned

Maximize your screen space by hiding unneeded GUI toolbars for pinned/app tabs using this extension.

Customize which toolbars should be hidden on pinned tabs.

Toggle the visibility of the UI using a customizable hotkey or a toolbar button.

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