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FT DeepDark Doporučené

Smooth dark theme for Firefox
• Beta version available here

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Simple White

Paint your firefox white. Make it look simpler, nicer.

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Classic Compact Doporučené

A very compact & highly customizable theme that minimizes space consumed by menu & tool bars without hurting the overall usability. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux.

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GNOME 3 theme for Firefox — Previously known as "Adwaita"

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A system tray extension for linux, allowing to set up custom icon, hiding to tray instead of closing, display the number of unread messages in mailing applications, and other features ...

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elementary Firefox

Firefox for elementaryOS

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Oxygen KDE

Oxygen style for Firefox!

Consistent and coherent integration with KDE!

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Environment Proxy

Sets proxy settings from environment variables.

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Rai Smooth Streaming Player (raismth)

Rai.tv live channels, vod and replay contents w/o *light (Silverlight/Moonlight)

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Amazon Video Games + Search Suggestions

Search the Video Games category on Amazon with Search Suggestions.

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Blend In

Blends OS-related values in User-Agent HTTP request header & a number of JS properties, so that Firefox (Thunderbird) appears to sites visited as running on the OS used the most in the world. Since 18.0t17.0.2 Windows is blended by default as well.

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Safari-like icons in the URL, search and find fields to clear their contents.

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Firefox's Strata theme - reloaded: with new icons, hover effects and redesigned dialogue windows for Windows 7 and Linux

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Debian Packages

Search packages for Debian Linux.

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RAIDIOTA Nevyžaduje restart

Un addon per vedere alcuni video RAI (pagati da tutti) su sistemi non Windows (senza Silverlight).
L'incompetenza di alcuni signori in RAI ci imporrebbe altrimenti di usare un software schifoso e abbandonato dai sui stessi creatori (Silverlight).

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ubuntuusers Menu

Access nearly all areas of the German Ubuntu portal ubuntuusers.de, the international forum ubuntuforums.org and more than 100 other (int.) websites around Linux, Ubuntu, hardware & software etc.

The extension is translated into English and German.

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Google Linux

Linux-specific Google Search

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Ubiquity in Awesomebar

Control Firefox like Linux. Requires installing the community-maintained Ubiquity ( https://bitbucket.org/satyr/ubiquity/downloads/tip.xpi ). Then, places Ubiquity in Awesomebar.

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Backspace Enabler Nevyžaduje restart

For Linux users. Enable the backspace key to act as a shortcut for the browser's back button (necessary on Linux only).

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WheelClear Nevyžaduje restart

Clear fields anywhere with the mousewheel

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