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Download Status Bar

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your downloads, "Download Status Bar" is the add-on you are looking for.

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FT DeepDark Vyžaduje restart Doporučené

Smooth dark theme for Firefox
> Beta version available on the FT DeepDark's "version history" page

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Fasterfox Vyžaduje restart

The One; The Original Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing so much faster!
Make your Sites Faster than a Fox with Fasterfox for FireFox!

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Fasterfox Lite Vyžaduje restart

Fasterfox Lite: Performance and network tweaks for Firefox, without the Enhanced Prefetching. This is a fork from the original "Fasterfox".

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Open With Photoshop

Open With Photoshop is a new companion for web and graphic designers to open up any web image with Adobe Photoshop via a single and quick mouse click.

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Free Memory 2.0

An add-on to perform Free memory operations without visiting about:memory.

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Browser Backgrounds Vyžaduje restart

Browser Backgrounds is the new Firefox extension that lets you install backgrounds directly on your browser.

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Always on Top Vyžaduje restart

Sets "Always on Top" style for current Firefox window

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SOA Client Vyžaduje restart

A portable client to access web services and UDDI registries.

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NewScrollbars (aka NoiaScrollbars) Vyžaduje restart

The "NewScrollbars"-extension replaces default scrollbars of Firefox and Thunderbird with colorized ones (partly) known from "Noia themes".

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Memory Restart Vyžaduje restart

Gives you a quick way to restart if memory usage is too high.

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TweakTube - YouTube Enhancer / Video Downloader Vyžaduje restart

The Ultimate YouTube Enhancer! Instantly add many tweaks to YouTube including: Download Videos, Convert Videos to Mp3, Automatically Watch in HD, Change YouTube Style, Watch Multiple Videos, Loop Videos, and much more. A must have for YouTube users.

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Gmail Mail Sidebar

Gmail Mail Sidebar brings Gmail right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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Whois Lookup & Hosting & DNS & Site Flags Firefox Vyžaduje restart

IP Whois Lookup & Website Reviews & Rating. Display country flag indicating website location. Alexa and Norton Antivirus Site Adviser. Supported: GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, Dotster, 1and1, NameCheap, Register, Yahoo, 123-Reg, FatCow, Enom, FastHosts.

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MM3 Proxy Switch Vyžaduje restart

In the Firefox Browser (and other Mozilla programs) you can per default configure only the setting for one internet connection. With this Proxy Switch you can manage different configurations and simply switch over between these.

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Docs Online Viewer Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Docs Online Viewer provides a convenient method to open online documents/files of any format (PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT, RTF, ODT, ODP, CSV etc.) using Google Docs & Zoho Viewer directly in your browser eliminating the need of any additional plugins.

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Facebook GIF Downloader Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Facebook GIF Downloader will allow you to Download GIF images from Facebook.

You don't have to share links to your friends after using this extension. You'll really be sharing the GIF itself.

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Free Memory

An add-on to perform free-memory operations without visiting about:memory.
For Firefox 40+, try Free Memory 2.0 https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-memory-20/

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Open With Opera

Open With Opera sends pages, links, tabs and images from Mozilla Firefox to Opera.

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Shareaholic | share with Google, Facebook and more Vyžaduje restart

Shareaholic is the easiest way to share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web from one simple ALL-IN-ONE add-on. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, E-mail and 200+ additional services.

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