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CantoDict - English meaning

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for an English meaning

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backword Vyžaduje restart

Helps people learning English by mouse-over pop-up translation and easily new-words collection.

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CantoFish Vyžaduje restart

CantoFish is a popup Cantonese-English dictionary for Firefox. It contains over 200,000 entries and works with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The Yale and Jyutping romanization systems are supported, as well as Mandarin pinyin.

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Characterizer: Japanese and Chinese Reinforcement Vyžaduje restart

Characterizer allows you to practice Japanese or Chinese characters while you read English (or other languages) by replacing the first letter (or entire word) with a character. For example, the word read might appear as 読ead.

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MyDict Online Chinese-English Dictionaries

MyDict All-in-one Online Chinese-English dictionary integrates all the online dictionaries like dict.cn, baidu, dictionary.com in one place. As sometimes you need to compare many online dictionaries to get the precise meaning, now you can use MyDict.

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CantoDict - Chinese character

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Chinese character

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CantoDict Parser

Translate a short Chinese passage (up to 250 characters) into English using the CantoDict Parser (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/parser/)

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CantoDict - Chinese word

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Chinese word

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Gb2Big Vyžaduje restart

Gb2Big is a handy translator between simplified and traditional Chinese.
Use CN Flag for Simplified Chinese
Use HK Flag for Traditional Chinese
Use UN Flag for Online Proxy Service

To activate this add-on:
1. Right click on the toolbar
2. Select "Cu...

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Perapera Chinese-German Dictionary File Vyžaduje restart

This is additional dictionary file for use with the Perapera Chinese Pop-up Dictionary add-on.

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RMB2NZDRateViewer Vyžaduje restart

This add-on shows the Chinese Yuan to New Zealand Dollar exchange rate published by the bank of China on the status bar.

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ACCESS is a tool can look up the details of Chinese character and analyze Chinese characters on webpage. If users or Chinese teachers want to learn Chinese characters in a scientific way, try this addon to figure out all the components of characters.

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App for Google Translate™

Easily open and use google translate while you browse, with just one click

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CantoDict - Jyutping (Cantonese)

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Jyutping pronunciation

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Dict.CN 海词


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gladder Vyžaduje restart

A proxy tool works on a customizable sites list!

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每日一句 Vyžaduje restart


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DiCE Translator Vyžaduje restart

Translate back and forth between English/Chinese with minimal effort.
Automatically guesses the most appropriate meaning within context.
Automatically separates block of Chinese text into meaningful phrases.
Pronunciation and pinyin included.

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