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ydwd Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+


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Zhongwen: Chinese-English Popup Dictionary Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Great tool for learning Chinese. Includes links to Chinese Grammar Wiki. Supports adding words to Skritter. Firefox fork of the Christian Schillers Chrome extension.

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Zdic.net 汉典

汉典 中文字词典 成语词典

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Moji Vyžaduje restart

An integrated sidebar-dictionary for Japanese and Chinese including kanji dictionary.

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Amazon.com + Search-Suggestions Vyžaduje restart

The Amazon.com search tool with advanced settings (search suggestions, category search, quick domain switch, context menu support, tab behavior) as additional textbox next to the default search. Supports all languages.

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Words-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary Vyžaduje restart

An excellent Chinese popup dictionary for those who are learning the Chinese language.
- - -
Chinese Pinyin Converter / Chinese Translation / Chinese Popup Dictionary / Chinese English Contrast Reading / All in One!

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Lexis 漢語多功能字庫


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MyDict Online Chinese-English Dictionaries

MyDict All-in-one Online Chinese-English dictionary integrates all the online dictionaries like dict.cn, baidu, dictionary.com in one place. As sometimes you need to compare many online dictionaries to get the precise meaning, now you can use MyDict.

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CantoDict - Chinese character

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Chinese character

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Look Up in Dictionary.app Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Define the text selected text on a page in Dictionary.app on Mac OS. Included dictionaries are English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

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CantoDict - Example sentences

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for an English meaning in the example sentences

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CantoFish Vyžaduje restart

CantoFish is a popup Cantonese-English dictionary for Firefox. It contains over 200,000 entries and works with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The Yale and Jyutping romanization systems are supported, as well as Mandarin pinyin.

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Chinese Language Translator for FireFox Vyžaduje restart

Chinese Language Translator for Firefox (CLTFF) seamlessly and automatically translates Chinese webpages into English without redirection, interruption or interference of normal browsing behaviour. CLTFF also can translate your comments to Chinese.

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CantoDict Parser

Translate a short Chinese passage (up to 250 characters) into English using the CantoDict Parser (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/parser/)

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backword Vyžaduje restart

Helps people learning English by mouse-over pop-up translation and easily new-words collection.

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