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An integrated sidebar-dictionary for Japanese and Chinese including kanji dictionary.

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Characterizer: Japanese and Chinese Reinforcement Vyžaduje restart

Characterizer allows you to practice Japanese or Chinese characters while you read English (or other languages) by replacing the first letter (or entire word) with a character. For example, the word read might appear as 読ead.

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Chinese Language Translator for FireFox Vyžaduje restart

Chinese Language Translator for Firefox (CLTFF) seamlessly and automatically translates Chinese webpages into English without redirection, interruption or interference of normal browsing behaviour. CLTFF also can translate your comments to Chinese.

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Zhong Wen Vyžaduje restart

Mouse over a Chinese character to find out it's meaning. A popup will appear showing the 'Pinyin' pronunciation, the simplified character form, and the English translation. You can customize what parts to show on the preferences window.

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Gb2Big Vyžaduje restart

Gb2Big is a handy translator between simplified and traditional Chinese.
Use CN Flag for Simplified Chinese
Use HK Flag for Traditional Chinese
Use UN Flag for Online Proxy Service

To activate this add-on:
1. Right click on the toolbar
2. Select "Cu...

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CantoDict - Unicode value

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Unicode value

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CantoDict - Example sentences

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for an English meaning in the example sentences

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趣查 GoDictionary


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Zdic.net 汉典

汉典 中文字词典 成语词典

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CantoDict - Chinese word

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Chinese word

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CantoDict - Jyutping (Cantonese)

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Jyutping pronunciation

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每日一句 Vyžaduje restart


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文轩网 | 原新华书店.COM

文轩网(www.winxuan.com)| 原新华书店(www.xinhuabookstore.com) 搜索引擎

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CantoDict - Pinyin (Mandarin)

Search CantoDict (http://www.cantonese.sheik.co.uk/dictionary/) for a Pinyin pronunciation

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Learn Spanish Vyžaduje restart

Learn Spanish the easy way with 'Spanish Word Of The Day' delivered to your Firefox browser. Includes FREE 'Learn Spanish' 6 day course along with ability to translate text or entire webpages FROM ANY language INTO ANY language.

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LanguageBob Vyžaduje restart

***Revise and Improve Languages Effortlessly! ***

Smart word-replacement for no hassle learning, e.g. One, DOS, three. Not a language-course but easy learning as you browse! Spanish, French, (fun)Chinese
Anglais, Inglés, Inglês ++
Tell your AMIGOS!

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