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Complete YouTube Saver Vyžaduje restart

Download YouTube videos in various formats including 1080p, 4K etc (DASH formats). Convert audio track from videos to MP3 or WAV, or save audio in native format (Ogg, AAC/M4A, MP3, OPUS). Save YouTube page, video, comments and subtitles to one folder

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Developer Tools - toolbar button Vyžaduje restart

Access and activate the native Firefox Web Developer tools faster through this toolbar button (menu). Button can be placed on any toolbar.

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Free Flash, Unity3D and html5 games

Best Unity3D, Flash and html5 games. This add-on opens game panel with a single click. New games every day! Very easy to use!

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Tilt 3D Vyžaduje restart

A WebGL-based 3D visualization of a webpage.

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Anaglyph 3D Vyžaduje restart

Convert image to 3d image (anaglyph).

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3D Models Search Engine - Yobi3D Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Show 3D models search results from Yobi3D.com in Google search results page. Type any keywords with the term '3D' or 'Model' on Google to also search from Yobi3D.com

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3D! Vyžaduje restart

Selected information & links to various 3D/CG apps, content and freebies.

Button appears in FF status bar, which is enabled by installing Adblock Plus.

No promises made as to end-user's resultant understanding of 3D/CG apps.

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Metal3D Vyžaduje restart

Three-dimensional metal style

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MimicMe Vyžaduje restart

MimicMe is an online fitting room that enables you to fit and mix & match clothes, shoes and accessories online with their personal virtual model.

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Wikipedia3D Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

Quickly search Wikipedia in any language and open articles in the Wikipedia3D browser. The Browser uses Semantic Web technology and integrates Google Maps to allow for location based search of Wikipedia entries. Requires WebGL.

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Stereo Image View Converter Vyžaduje restart

Displays a side-by-side stereo image pair in line interlaced mode.

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Bluetacular Vyžaduje restart

Professional Style Extension.

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