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CSS Refresh

Reload CSS without having to refresh the page.

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Personas Interactive Theme Engine Vyžaduje restart

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Remove the limits of Personas. Get unlimited Personas, legible text; use with Firefox themes installed. Create your own Personas gallery; full CSS3 backgrounds, and more

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Adfly URL Grabber

skip adfly 5 seconds and pop-up windows
just open adfly link and you 'll see now tab opens with content you need

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Seo&Sem Vyžaduje restart

SEO toolbar – addon for instant analysis of the site parameters.

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Relaxed the HTML Validator Vyžaduje restart

"Relaxed" is a HTML validator which validates HTML documents using it's own schema definitions written in Relax NG with embedded Schematron patterns.

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PageRank Replacement by LinkResearchTools Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

The LRT Power*Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of a domain or page you are currently visiting.

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Active Whois plugin for Firefox Vyžaduje restart

Starting Active Whois to get details about any Web site owner and its host server...

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Proxy Finder (IP Switcher)

Proxy Finder is an advanced proxy management tool. With Proxy Finder, you can easily change your geo-location in one click!

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Me gusta Mall

a basic add-on

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Check My Colors! Vyžaduje restart

This addon is a button that can be added to the tool bar. To add, right click on the toolbar and select customize. It will then allow you to place a button on the toolbar to run the tests. This is a tool that will allow web developers to analyze thei...

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Pingler Vyžaduje restart

This Add-on is an excellent way for you to ping any page on-the-fly. If you are on a page and want to Ping it, just click on the Pingler icon in your Firefox browser and the URL of the page will be sent to Pingler and pinged automatically for you.

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Sourceforge Direct Download Vyžaduje restart

If you frequently download files from Sourceforge projects, use this extension to automatically convert download links to use your favorite mirror (instead of having Sourceforge prompt...

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Page Rank Checker Vyžaduje restart

Page Rank Checker: Check Google Page Rank in live mode

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Selenium IDE: Implicit Wait Vyžaduje restart

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until all the required elements are present before executing the next command. It replicates the behaviour of the setImplicitWait method present in Selenium 2 WebDriver.

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Https Instead Vyžaduje restart

make your current link a https , with a click
一键使当前 http->https

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Forex Fox Vyžaduje restart

Forex Fox is an extension for Firefox that displays currency exchange rates in your status bar. ...

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CSS Live Reloader

CSS Live Reloader is a firefox extension to ease website CSS development. The extension reloads a page CSS whenever it changes on the server, resulting in something close to live editing of the Cascading Stylesheet.

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GYRbar — SEO тулбар Vyžaduje restart

GYRbar — SEO тулбар, отображает пузомерки сайтов (тИЦ и PR), ускоряет доступ к SEO форуму GYRtalk.ru

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Test IE

Test IE allows users to preview and test their websites in all versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11) directly in BrowserStack through Mozilla Firefox.

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Format Javascript Vyžaduje restart

The extension provide Javascript developer a tool to decompress the minified javascript. Minify javascript and use it to uncompress.

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