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The best way to save and use bookmarklets known to man, toolbar buttons.

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WKW Photo ZOOM Vyžaduje restart

Vergrößert alle Vorschaubilder auf www.wer-kennt-wen.de beim überfahren mit der Maus.

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The Night Owl

Night mode for Firefox. If You're night owl, You'll love it. It's way easier to use it than to describe it. Part of Just Disable Stuff 1.2, extracted out into distinct plugin to keep JDS KISS-ish.

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Ermis CMS Security Scanner

A free tool that lets you check if any domain is running WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, the CMS version and any known security vulnerabilities.

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OpenWith Vyžaduje restart

Are you tired of over and over again looking for all the html/php/js-files you are working on in your web application? Then this add-on can help you and save loads of time by launching the files in your editor for you. Just select and launch...

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Go Daddy Hosting Control Center Vyžaduje restart

The Hosting Control Center is an intuitive interface for the setup and management of your Windows® and Linux® shared hosting accounts. It is your home base for anything and everything involving your hosted site.

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Crossbrowser Vyžaduje restart

Öffne eine Webseite im Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome und Opera mit einem Klick.

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tv.wrzuc.to plugin Vyžaduje restart

Limits were yesterday!

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XML Viewer Vyžaduje restart

View xml data in textareas, in readable format.

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Developer Center Vyžaduje restart

Developer Center help developer to visit develop resource conveniently. such as Tutorials,API Reference,etc.

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SEO Live YSRank - Unique search ranking for any URL Vyžaduje restart

Live search rank at the status bar, top searched keywords and search volume data for a specific site. Great for search marketing, keywords research and SEO.

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URL Escape and Unescape Vyžaduje restart

You can escape and Un-escape the URL by one click. You can convert your text as escaped(Secured text) and un-escape later.

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Ocawa Toolbar Vyžaduje restart

Audit d'accessibilité pour votre site Internet en utilisant le validateur d'accessibilité Ocawa.

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ServStats Vyžaduje restart

ServStats lets you share statistics about web server connectivity and diagnose network failures. When a network failure occurs, ServStats automatically conducts diagnostic tests and infers the most likely cause of failure.

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IndexedDB Browser[Updated FIX]

Browse IndexedDB Databases in Firefox [Fixed].

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Encode Decode Base64

Converts from ASCII or Unicode to Base64 by encoding the text and back from Base64 to ASCII or Unicode by decoding it

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Disable Links Vyžaduje restart

Disable links

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about:accessibilityenabled Vyžaduje restart

An about page, about:accessibilityenabled, to show whether accessibility API support is...

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Arfcom Ad Blocker Vyžaduje restart

Sick of the huge ads at the top of ar15.com and ak47.net? Use this extension to suppress them. Future upgrades include suppression before they hit the...

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JsBloat Vyžaduje restart

JsBloat is a Firefox extension that helps determine what fraction of the jQuery library a web page uses.

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