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SQLite Manager Vyžaduje restart

Manage any SQLite database on your computer.

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Random Agent Spoofer

Rotates complete browser profiles ( from real browsers / devices ) at a user defined time interval. It includes many extra privacy enhancing options

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IE Tab Vyžaduje restart

IE Tab - an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox...

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Pomocník skrývání prvků pro Adblock Plus

Bojujte s textovými reklamami! Pomocník skrývání prvků je společník Adblocku Plus určený k zjednodušení tvorby pravidel na skrývání prvků.

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User-Agent Switcher Doporučené

Quickly and easily switch between popular user-agent strings.

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RESTClient, a debugger for RESTful web services. Vyžaduje restart

Notice: some important features (XML indentation and load old saved requests) are missing in version 2.0.0, please update to version 2.0.1.

Please follow the link ("View other versions") below To install version 2.0.1.

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Cookies Manager+ Vyžaduje restart

Cookies manager to view, edit and create new cookies. It also shows extra information about cookies, allows edit multiple cookies at once and backup/restore them.

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HttpRequester Vyžaduje restart

A tool for easily making HTTP requests (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE), viewing the responses, and keeping a history of transactions.

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Nimbus Screen Capture - editable screenshots

1) Screen capture web pages.
2) Selected regions.
3) Whole browser windows.
4) Slack direct upload (NEW!)
Edit screenshots and save images as local file or Google Drive. Annotate screenshots with different tools. Upload and share!

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ColorZilla Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies...

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JavaScript Debugger Vyžaduje restart

As of Firefox 33, Venkman *no longer works*, as the APIs which it needs have been removed.

Venkman is the code name for Mozilla's JavaScript Debugger. Venkman aimed to provide a powerful JavaScript debugging environment for Mozilla based browsers.

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HackBar Vyžaduje restart

Simple security audit / Penetration test tool.

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Wappalyzer Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Wappalyzer is a browser extension that identifies software on websites.

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IE Tab V2 (Enhanced IE Tab) Vyžaduje restart

Note: If you are encountering the Connecting... problem see instructions below.

The updated, fully supported IE Tab. Embed IE in a Firefox tab. IE Tab Features: FF 4+ support, IE 7-9 compatibility modes, old IE Tab settings import.

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Fire IE (FireIE, Enhanced IE) Vyžaduje restart

Embeds Internet Explorer(IE) to use the powerful Firefox add-ons.
Not only an enhanced IE Tab, but also an enhanced Internet Explorer with Adblock Plus and FireGestures support.
Switch to the IE engine in one click and dismiss your IE.

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Proxy Switcher Doporučené

Access to the complete Firefox's proxy settings right from a toolbar panel

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Live HTTP Headers Vyžaduje restart

View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.

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JavaScript Toggle On and Off

Toggle JavaScript engine on and off the easy way

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User Agent Overrider

Override browser user agent string

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A very simple extension for learning web page colors. Copy the RGB or Hex color code of any pixel displayed in your browser to the clipboard (in CSS/HTML format). Similar in function to Internet Explorer's color picker.

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