Dolphin Connect Nevyžaduje restart

Sync tabs and firefox bookmarks, send webpages, directions, numbers, text and images directly to your mobile devices.

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This extension allows you to open links in an existing window.

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AppTab Nav-B-Gone

When you pin an app tab, most of the time there's no need to navigate with it. So this gives you more of a browsing view.
Now you wont have to worry about all that extra junk and you'll be able to see more of that site you pined. YAY!!!

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Tab Lister Nevyžaduje restart

Yet another (very simple) tab lister. A possible update to Binny's "Url Lister". This one will copy a list of open URLS (in the current window) onto your clipboard (without feedback). The format of the list can be adjusted in the options pane. Enjoy!

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Tab Cycler Nevyžaduje restart

Adds a "Cycle Tabs" context menu item to tabs.

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Image in New Tab

Right click and open any image in a new tab

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Android New Tab

New tab page for Android style is a based on HTML5 Firefox Addons, which developed refer the popular Android UI. It provides speed dial, quick search funtions, such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.

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Google Tasks Sidebar Nevyžaduje restart

Shows your Google tasks in a sidebar.

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Enhance your Browser Tabbing Experience with the tabs “Aero” popup
By using the CTRL-TAB or CTRL-SHIFT-TAB buttons a preview menu will popup displaying preview pictures of all open tabs.

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New Firefox Button Menu

Nowy wygląd buttona menu Firefox, przypominający wyglądem karty.

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Session box - Tabs manager Nevyžaduje restart

Manage browser sessions, tabs, and opened windows. Synchronize between computers. Recently closed and last accessed tabs. Save, organize, and synchronize your browser Tabs and Opened Windows.

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InstantFirefox: Native Google Instant Search at you Firefox Address Bar - Get search results as you type

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GrooveControl Nevyžaduje restart

GrooveControl allows you to do basic controls of grooveshark's functionality when you have it open in another tab.

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Copy Tab URLs

Copies the URLs of all open tabs

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Blockulicious Nevyžaduje restart

Blockulicious ajoute un niveau de sécurité puissant et non-intrusif à votre expérience de navigation.
Blockulicious adds a level of security and powerful non-intrusive to your browsing experience.

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NoPluginBar Nevyžaduje restart

Makes the plugin notification bar disappear entirely…

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Paste and Go 3 Again

This simple Firefox extension provides a configurable keyboard shortcut which will instantly paste and go (open or search) whatever is in the clipboard. It is a great time saver.

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Max Loaded Tabs Nevyžaduje restart

Set maximum number of loaded tabs in a window.

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Orbitum Speed Dial Nevyžaduje restart

Orbitum Speed Dial это отличный способ прокачать содержимое вашей “новой вкладки” в FireFox: красивые заставки, быстрый доступ к любимым сайтам, удобные функции кастомизации.

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SpojRandom Nevyžaduje restart

This extension opens a new tab with a random SPOJ classical problem.Helps the user to find and solve new and random questions.Happy Coding!
Source Code :
Star the project to show your support.

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