Mini Audio Icon of Tab - Noise Control

Converts large icon with information about audio playback by tab on small icon. Pinned to the icon of tab. It takes up less space on the tab bar. There is more space for name tabs.

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Mini menu button Vyžaduje restart

With this add-on you are able to change the menu button position to anywhere you want, even to the navigation bar
It also reduces some font sizes (tabs and bookmarks buttons) to 10px - this gives you more visible space and more visible information

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Mini Tab Vyžaduje restart

PL: Wszystkie karty oprócz aktywnej są zminimalizowane.
EN: All cards are in addition to the active minimized.

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Minimalist UI Vyžaduje restart

Redesigned UI. Location bar, bookmarks access, transitions & animations.

Extremely compact, yet fully-featured.

This experimental version is the initial release.

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Hide various elements of the user interface with Ctrl+F11. Tap it again to unhide. No restart required.

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Mistakopedia Vyžaduje restart

A Firefox toolbar with Mistakopedia Search facility!

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MMTextArea-Firefox is built on top of Rabbit converter. It can convert easily text from Unicode <=> Zawgyi vice versa in new tab.

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Mobile2Desktop Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Changes mobile websites to desktop ones.

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Mod Tabs Vyžaduje restart

Dodatek usuwa animację podczas otwierania i zamykania kart, co zwiększa szybkość i płynność. Zmniejsza też szerokość kart, przez co więcej mieści się ich w polu widzenia.

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ModestTab Vyžaduje restart

Just slightly bigger (modestly-sized) tabs. Page title is shown in two lines, and site icons are 24 pixels wide. Recommended for tab power users.

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Moment Vyžaduje restart

Keep up with time.

A minimalist clock on the new tab page showing the current time, date, and weather. Both the background colour and the text colour are fully customizable.

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Mon compte en ligne Vyžaduje restart

Nouvelle version - Connectez-vous plus rapidement et plus facilement !

↓ Cliquez sur le bouton ↓

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MonhyipToolbarRU Vyžaduje restart

Toolbar - - Мониторинг HYIP и autosurf проектов

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Moo Later

Quickly save a page as a task in your Remember the Milk account. Automatically uses the title and url of the current page.

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More In Content UI + Vyžaduje restart

Use your Firefox without chaos of floating windows: Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Page Source, DOM Inspector or others if you want. View them directly in Firefox window.

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Mortal Kombat X New Tab

Perfect for Mortal Kombat fans! A unique Mortal Kombat X wallpaper on every new tab! Includes a playable Mortal Kombat arcade game that you can toggle on/off.

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Most Recent Tab

Adds a keyboard shortcut to switch back to your most recently selected tab. Useful to alternate between two tabs and to easy go back to your last tab if you switch to another briefly.

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146 uživatelů - визуальные закладки online Vyžaduje restart

Загружает сайт вместо новой вкладки. Это позволит визуально организовать и получить доступ к закладкам с любого места.

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Mountains HD New Tab Theme

Images of HD mountains for your new tab page

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MouseControl Vyžaduje restart

Enables user-defined "natural mouse combinations" to trigger customizable functions.

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