Tab Data Nevyžaduje restart

Provides user with tab related stats and memory usage

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The Fox, Only Better Nevyžaduje restart Doporučené

Australis, the new Firefox theme, made a great browser look awesome. And now it will also feel awesome using it!

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Open Link in New Tab

Loads links in new tabs, by conditions.

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No Close Buttons Nevyžaduje restart

In Firefox 31, the browser.tabs.closeButtons option was removed. This addon forces what previously used to be a value of 2 for that option: no close buttons on any tabs.

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Easily find and manage your browser tabs.

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Open Link in Silent Tab Nevyžaduje restart

Adds an option to open a link in a new tab without loading the page until you switch to the tab.

***New Version***

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Tab Colors Nevyžaduje restart

A basic add-on that lets you specify background colors for inactive tabs.

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Tab Groups Helper

Rethinking Firefox Tab Groups. Create and manage tab groups in a side-by-side list-view interface. Drag and drop tabs to move to different groups, search for tabs by title or content in current or all groups. Close tabs single or multiple.

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Fire IE (FireIE, Enhanced IE)

Embeds Internet Explorer(IE) to use the powerful Firefox add-ons.
Not only an enhanced IE Tab, but also an enhanced Internet Explorer with Adblock Plus and FireGestures support.
Switch to the IE engine in one click and dismiss your IE.

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Copy Urls Expert

Provides options to 'Copy Urls of All Opened Tabs in Current Window', 'Copy Urls of Tabs in All Windows', 'Copy Urls of All Links in Selected Text' and 'Copy Urls of All Images in Selection'. Allows to open multiple tabs.

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Easy DragToGo

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try DragIt instead.

Allows you to open links in new tabs, and do more with drag and drop gestures easier.

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Tab Mix Lite


*** 請注意,本套件「不接受」功能請求 ***
這是 Lite 版,如果每個人都來請自己想要的功能,這個套件就會變成 Plus 第二。如果你的需求不在本套件提供的功能之列,請你找其他套件來使用。

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"Eraser" is a Fast, easily accessible, portable Private Data cleaner.
it erases your private information and tabs in fraction of seconds through a Eraser-button in toolbar.

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Tabs Open Relative (Modified)

This add-on is a modified version of Tabs Open Relative ( combined with dikrib's fix.

Tabs open to the right of the current one, external links open according to

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Permanent List-all-tabs Button Nevyžaduje restart

Bring back the List-all-tabs button (Removed from Firefox 12 in Bug 714281)

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VimFx Nevyžaduje restart

VimFx introduces Vim-style keyboard shortcuts for browsing and navigation without using the mouse.

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Session Exporter

Exports Firefox sessions to HTML files or saves them to your bookmarks. If your session includes tab groups, your tabs are grouped accordingly.

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Unload inactive tabs, save resources.

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Tile View

Split the Firefox window into multiple browsers by applying a tiled layout so that multiple websites can be viewed side by side. Resize tiles by dragging splitter bars. Open tabs and links by dragging into tiles. Synchronize scrolling of tiles.

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Tab Set Saver

Save a set of tabs into a single HTML file (thumbnails included), and restore one or all of the tabs from this file at a later time.

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