Tab Rotator

The Tab Rotator automatically switches between the open tabs of a browser window after a certain amount of time.

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Přidáno July 28, 2010

Print Edit Doporučené

Allows editing of web page content while in Print Preview mode, prior to printing or saving as HTML or PDF. Compacts the layout and removes unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages. Any element can be formatted, hidden or deleted.

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Přidáno July 6, 2010

Close Multiple Tabs

Close many tabs with one click!

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Přidáno June 21, 2010

View Tab

Thumbnail Preview of Tabs on mouse-over

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Přidáno June 20, 2010

Open Links!

Opens the first 10 links from a Google results page in 10 new tabs.

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Přidáno June 19, 2010

Double Click Closes Tab

The fastest (yet safe) addon to close tab using mouse only! Close any tab by double clicking the tab. Close current tab by triple click anywhere on the page. Optionally middle click or double right click on page to close tab.

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Přidáno June 13, 2010

about:addons Launcher

Simple lightweight add-on that provides one click access to the Add-ons Manager via a toolbar button.

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Přidáno June 10, 2010


Quickly locate your tabs! Hotkey: Ctrl-'.

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Přidáno June 10, 2010

Restore Control

When too many tabs are being reloaded on browser start-up, Restore Control stops them from immediately loading all at once according to your preference.

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Přidáno June 9, 2010

Joomla! Admin

Joomla! Admin brings ease & convenience to your computer/workstation, by providing you with a ready-to-use menu options that balms your repetitive work :) Now, Go to the Administrator page or Duplicate the current tab to a new tab/window in a jiffy!!

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Přidáno June 3, 2010


you could have open many tabs and then its just a click on the icon and save tabs, that's it done, you can close and reopen your browser many times, and when your ready for your tabs back, just click the icon again and restore tabs.

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Přidáno May 14, 2010

TabsUp Homepage Manager

TabsUp can open your own set of bookmarks either at startup or from toolbar buttons in two ways. PermaTabs opens all bookmarks in folder while RandomTabs some of them - randomly. Now you won't forget to look at your favourite pages from time to time.

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Přidáno May 13, 2010

Asp.Net Menu

This is a very simple add-on for developer.It's very useful for developer those who regularly visit the for documentation.Just add this handy menu right into context menu of Firefox and save valuable seconds.

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Přidáno May 2, 2010

Duplicate This Tab

This add-on provides the much needed feature update of Tab Duplication to Mozilla Browsers. Features Supported include Duplication of Browser Tabs, Detaching Tabs and Merging All Windows.

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Přidáno April 28, 2010

Save Session

This add-on will help the you save all the links opened to a session file and re-open session file any time later. Useful when you are investigating a topic and don't want to loose all the good links you came across or painfully book mark everyone.

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Přidáno April 26, 2010


shows the number of tabs in the status-bar

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Přidáno April 12, 2010

Tidy Favorites Online

Tidy up your favorites with live thumbnails. Conveniently use the same set of favorites for all your PC. Silverlight is required to use this Add-on.

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Přidáno April 9, 2010


Moves the Sidebar under the Tab Bar and saves space! Compatible with the default theme (Strata), and AiOS

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Přidáno April 3, 2010

Enhanced Middle Click Nevyžaduje restart

Display history menu, tab list menu, bookmarks menu, toggle tab groups, panorama or various sidebars with middle mouse button.

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Přidáno April 1, 2010

Tab delabelifier

Hide the labels of the tabs that are not selected.

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Přidáno March 29, 2010