Custom New Tab Button

Customize middle/right-click command on new tab button

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Přidáno January 7, 2015

Sawab & Inspiration

Open an empty tab and enjoy an Islam-themed background image, all five daily prayer times and the time left for the next prayer.

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Přidáno January 5, 2015


Adds a PasteAndGo-button

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Přidáno January 4, 2015

NewTab&Swipe Navigation

Open links in new tabs to avoid reloading when using the Back button. Specially useful in android where Firefox always reloads the previous page when going back. Swiping with one finger to the left or right shows the previous or next tab respectively

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Přidáno January 2, 2015

ActionAlly for Firefox

This extension pairs with the ActionAlly OSX App and gives it additional functionality like tracking distracting websites and blocking sites when you're working on something else.

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Přidáno December 31, 2014

Fantasy Sports Interactive Theme

Brand new! Fantasy Sports Interactive theme - easy way to manage all your fantasy football, baseball and basketball leagues!

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Přidáno December 29, 2014

Mute Tab

Mute tabs with HTML5 media.

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Přidáno December 27, 2014


Store and share you links in one click!

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Přidáno December 27, 2014


In Active Window only, or in All Windows:
- Sort your Tabs (by URL, Title, Last Seen sort, ...),
- Remove Duplicates,
- Find Tabs (by Title, URL, Content :D! Use Regex.),
- Retrieve closed,
- Linkify,
- Merge Windows...

...and much more ^ ^!

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Přidáno December 24, 2014

Визуальные закладки Markbooq

Расширение Markbooq предназначено для быстрого и удобного доступа ко всем своим закладкам в личном кабинете и моментального добавления выбранного сайта в нужный раздел.
Попробуйте, Вам понравится!

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Přidáno December 23, 2014

Tab Sweeper

Closes unused tabs after bookmarking URIs from their history. Idle time is aggregated across sessions while the browser is actively used (mouse/keybord events occur). Selecting a tab resets its counter.

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Přidáno December 22, 2014

Coursera Autoplay

Auto skip in-video quizes and continue to the next video when current video ends.

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Přidáno December 21, 2014

Page Control

Prevents popups from opening.

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Přidáno December 19, 2014

Highlight Tab Vyžaduje restart

Easily highlight tabs in a choice of colours. How to use: Right click on tab, select "Highlight Tab" and choose colour. Done!

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Přidáno December 19, 2014

Auto Close Tabs

Set maximum number of opened tabs in a window. (cloned from Lim Chee Aun's max-tabs)

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Přidáno December 19, 2014

Tab Crasher

A utility that adds a button to the toolbar to quickly and easily crash the content process for the remote tab you're viewing. Meant for e10s testers who want to check tab crash behaviour.

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Přidáno December 15, 2014

dM TabCounter

Contador de pestañas instantáneo.

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Přidáno December 15, 2014

BackTrack Tab History

Links that are opened in new tabs (and optionally in new windows) retain the "back" (session) history from the parent window.

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Přidáno December 14, 2014


Newspatio turns new tabs into beautiful news feeds.

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Přidáno December 11, 2014

Numéros des SAV pour les opérateurs mobile

Cette extension est destinée aux professionnels afin d'obtenir en un seul clic les numéros des services client des principaux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile en France.

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Přidáno December 11, 2014