Google Opener

Opens Google in a New Tab

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Přidáno May 3, 2012

Stop YouTube Autoplay Nevyžaduje restart

Stops YouTube autoplay intelligently.

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Přidáno April 29, 2012

Tab Auto Reload

Adds auto reload menu to tab.

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Přidáno April 26, 2012

Open sync tabs button

Just a button that opens synced tabs in a new tab.

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Přidáno April 21, 2012

Customize about:newtab

Since version 13, Firefox has the new about:newtab page, which is great...but you can't change the background! This addon solves that.
Now you can change the background color and/or choose an image.

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Přidáno April 17, 2012

Lavabit Sign In (1)

Tired of having to go to, and then click the sign in link? The URL is too long to remember. This app brings you to the sign in page without any hassle. This enables you to access your Lavabit Webmail faster than ever before.

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Přidáno April 15, 2012

CoolNovo Search (1)

This is CoolNovo search, it provides web, Software Albums Movies & TV and eBooks search. Also, it is powered by Google Search. The page is plain white, with some blue. You should try it, although there are many other search engines.

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Přidáno April 15, 2012

Whitespace Remover for Google Plus™

Will center the new Google Plus design for a better fit on widescreens.

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Přidáno April 11, 2012

Page Title in URL Bar Nevyžaduje restart

Show page title in URL Bar.

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Přidáno April 9, 2012

Sirex's App Tabloc

Protect App/pinned Tabs, stops pinned tabs from closing, based off Tabloc.
Works along side Tabloc, but does not use its settings etc, not needed to be honest!
Works on Tabs instantly

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Přidáno April 8, 2012

Big Clock Background

Shows a picture in the background and a clock in the foreground when you open a new tab. It can be a picture from your computer or you can keep it random from our server.

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Přidáno April 7, 2012

TripleSync Nevyžaduje restart

TripleSync is a service for syncing bookmarks and opened tabs between browser and Windows Phone 7 device.

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Přidáno April 2, 2012

Window Master Nevyžaduje restart

Functionality for multiple screens and windows. Easily open links in other windows or on other screens, move or merge tabs, and move or merge entire windows. With graphical controls for grid positioning. For Firefox 35.0 and newer.

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Přidáno April 2, 2012

New Tab Settings Nevyžaduje restart

Change the URL opened for new, blank tabs.

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Přidáno March 26, 2012

Regchan Firefox Plugin

The Regchan Firefox Plugin is a simple plugin for Firefox that adds some extended functionality to

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Přidáno March 21, 2012

BusinessViewer gives power to search and explore business information, contacts and social relationships without ever leaving the web page.

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Přidáno March 18, 2012

Opandia - add on for Google - The new add on for Google powered by Masterseek.
Better search. More experience.

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Přidáno March 18, 2012

Table of Contents

Generate a handy table of contents to any website you are visiting

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Přidáno March 18, 2012

LaunchPad Nevyžaduje restart

LaunchPad allows users to quickly organize and access their favorite websites.

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Přidáno March 15, 2012


Wallpaper FireFox Extension

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Přidáno March 14, 2012