Smaller Firefox Nevyžaduje restart

Makes stuff smaller to save space. Smaller Firefox compress navigation and tab toolbars. Restartless.

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Přidáno March 29, 2014

Reverse Tabs Nevyžaduje restart

Reverse Tabs takes the current tabs you have open and reverses their order. This makes it easier to manage large amounts of tabs.

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Přidáno March 26, 2014

AlshekyTranslator(Beta)By Mohammed Alsheky Nevyžaduje restart

a basic add-on that give a direct access to Google translator by clicking on the icon located in lower right corner

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Přidáno March 25, 2014

Tabs on Bottom (Australis) Nevyžaduje restart

Bring back the tabs on bottom feature !

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Přidáno March 23, 2014

Timeline Sidebar Nevyžaduje restart

Displays a timeline of the current active tab's history in a sidebar.

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Přidáno March 12, 2014

Secure It Nevyžaduje restart

Per domain https always, with a simple button.

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Přidáno March 9, 2014

Append New Tab Nevyžaduje restart

An add-on that fixes the behavior when opening a new tab from a pinned tab. If you use alot of tabs and pinned ones, it will make your day !

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Přidáno March 6, 2014

Tacotab Nevyžaduje restart

Every new tab will show Taco instead of a blank page.

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Přidáno March 5, 2014

CybrHome New Tab | Home Page

CybrHome is a web based homepage and new tab page for browsers
that links to world’s most popular websites via a metro styled interface.

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Přidáno March 2, 2014

All search engines on your tab

With this new application, You can access to the best search engines directly from your home tab.

Your new start tab is going to have a elegant design, and you can personalize the main logo to be proud of it, for example, with your name.

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Přidáno February 28, 2014

Open AdWords

Open Google AdWords in new tab.

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Přidáno February 28, 2014

Tabs Counter Nevyžaduje restart

Tabs Counter for tabs in all windows.

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Přidáno February 28, 2014

free-control Nevyžaduje restart

Just make Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown do their jobs: switching between tabs, and not whatever the webdevelopers think is a better idea.

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Přidáno February 25, 2014

Pinned Window extension for Firefox Nevyžaduje restart

Allows a window to be 'pinned' so new links will not be opened in that window.

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Přidáno February 21, 2014

Image Popout Nevyžaduje restart

Image Popout provides a context-menu option to open images into separate windows.

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Přidáno February 18, 2014

close all tabs and minimize when click close

close all the tabs and open a new tab(or home), then minimize if you click closing button. So firefox will not quit, this keeps firefox "back stage" and always ready to be used. based on Fredrik Savje's "Minimize On Start and Close" add-on

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Přidáno February 15, 2014


Adds two icons to the Add-on bar that enable quick access to the Full Page Zoom feature. Based upon QuickPageZoom by Juan Carlos Avila B. I have only re-uploaded the addon since it was removed.. Best regards.. q1k

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Přidáno February 15, 2014

Tab Statistics Nevyžaduje restart

Provides tab statistics such as the count, average, rate, and tab history.

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Přidáno February 14, 2014

ntHotkey Nevyžaduje restart

Enables hotkey access to launch tumbnails from the new tab page.

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Přidáno February 13, 2014

Tab Grenade Nevyžaduje restart

Tab Grenade converts all your open tabs into a persistent list, freeing a lot of memory without losing any information. You can then restore individual tabs or the entire list, and you can share lists of tabs online.

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Přidáno February 13, 2014