Direct Currency Converter 2 Nevyžaduje restart

Converts monetary amounts from any currency (USD, GBP, etc.) to monetary amounts in a selectable currency automatically while browsing.
It is a replacement for my old Direct Currency Converter.

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Akualizováno May 27, 2015

MyAero Plug-in Nevyžaduje restart

Helps you Pre Alerting Packages purchased online and handled by Aeropost

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Akualizováno May 27, 2015

Price Expert Nevyžaduje restart

Price Comparison made easy, directly in Firefox - Get alerts if other stores offer better prices for the products you're viewing. Price Expert shows you the same products with better prices in different stores, discount coupons or irresistible deals.

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Akualizováno May 25, 2015

The Amazon 1Button App for Firefox Nevyžaduje restart

Compare prices at thousands of retail sites with the Amazon 1Button App!
Get special offers and features right at your fingertips. Search Amazon and the Web at the same time, get a head-start on deals, add to your wishlist, and much more.

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Akualizováno May 25, 2015

Ebates Cash Back Button

The Ebates Cash Back Button makes earning Cash Back and finding Hot Deals easier than ever.

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Akualizováno May 25, 2015

购物党全网自动比价工具:淘宝京东比价、历史价格跟踪、降价提醒、全网收藏夹 Nevyžaduje restart


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Akualizováno May 22, 2015

Perk for Firefox - Earn Rewards on the Web! Nevyžaduje restart

Perk is the only web browser companion add-on that lets you earn points when you shop and search the web.

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Akualizováno May 19, 2015

Amazon for Effective Charities Nevyžaduje restart

Redirect Amazon traffic to raise money for effective charities.

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Akualizováno May 15, 2015

CouponMate: Coupon Codes & Deals Nevyžaduje restart

Searches for the latest coupon codes and deals at over 100,000 stores online.

Get the latest coupons delivered automagically to your browser with CouponMate. CouponMate features coupons from over 100,000 stores, updated daily.

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Akualizováno May 15, 2015

MyFastBooking Nevyžaduje restart

Automate your ticket booking with greater Speed. Just book your tatkal tickets easily to win the competition. It's as simple as you have to just enter captcha. Just visit

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Akualizováno May 15, 2015

Homepay - automatyzacja płatności Nevyžaduje restart

Automatyzacja płatności Homepay.

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Akualizováno May 15, 2015


Manufacturers, Suppliers, Buyers, Sellers, Products Directory of Makepolo.

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Akualizováno May 14, 2015

CashbackDeals Cashback-Melder Nevyžaduje restart

Möchtest du immer wissen, bei welchen Online-Shops du Cashback bekommen kannst? Mit dem Cashback-Melder ist das jetzt möglich!

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Akualizováno May 14, 2015 Nevyžaduje restart

USD prices for

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Akualizováno May 11, 2015 Nevyžaduje restart

Zásuvný modul zobrazující akce a slevové kódy do právě prohlížených eshopů

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Akualizováno May 11, 2015

Craigslist Fusion

Show posts and images in the Craigslist listing, auto send emails, filters, drive direction, mark spam, hide, auto hide, favorite, bookmark, much more. Latest ver 9.9.36:

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Akualizováno May 9, 2015

AdBeaver Nevyžaduje restart

AdBeaver is a free service for you to get a little more out of your web surfing. You surf the web and earn valuable AdCoins for every ad shown on your screen. AdCoins can be cashed out via paypal, gift cards or donated to a charitable cause.

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Akualizováno May 7, 2015

TARGOBANK BonusMelder Nevyžaduje restart

Der TARGOBANK BonusMelder zeigt Ihnen beim Surfen automatisch, bei welchen Shops Sie einen Bonus erhalten.
Beim Klick auf das aktive Icon wird der verfügbare Bonus für die aktuelle Website angezeigt.

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Akualizováno May 6, 2015

Ecosia — The search engine that plants trees! Nevyžaduje restart Doporučené

Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% of its surplus income to a tree planting program in Burkina Faso.
By searching with Ecosia you can help the environment for free.

This extension adds Ecosia as a search engine in Firefox. Give it a try!

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Akualizováno May 6, 2015

karmora-addon Nevyžaduje restart

This Addon will pop up a banner for Karmora on any store tied up with our site. The banner would show the discount or Cash back which you would receive at our website. As soon as you click on the banner, it would allow you to access those great deals

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Akualizováno May 5, 2015