Wish Koala Vyžaduje restart

You stumbled upon a great gift somethere in the Internet? Add it to your wishlist with just one click. The name and link will be automatically taken from the website, but they can also be customised by you.

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Přidáno December 15, 2014


Simples extensão para facilitar o rastreio de remessas no site dos Correios

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Přidáno December 11, 2014

Sveriges Bästa Erbjudande Vyžaduje restart

Sveriges Bästa Erbjudanden from svenska leverantörer av datorer, kläder, parfym, leksaker, webbhotell, telefoner och mycket annat.

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Přidáno December 11, 2014

elevenia Vyžaduje restart

Instant access to your online shopping paradise. The more transaction you've made from our extension, the more point-cashback you'll get!

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Přidáno December 10, 2014 Добавить новое желание

Добавляйте свои желания на в один клик!

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Přidáno December 10, 2014

Nullcentsponsoring Vyžaduje restart

Unterstütze den Filmemacher und Autor Daniel P. Schenk durch 5% deines Online-Shoppings - und Amazon zahlt.

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Přidáno December 2, 2014

Graficflower Vyžaduje restart

Floristeria online con envios de flores a domicilio desde 14 euros, enviamos a toda España. innovacion, originalidad, calidad y servicio al cliente son nuestras maximas.

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Přidáno December 1, 2014

cash4brands - Экономь на шопинге! Vyžaduje restart мы возвращаем деньги с интернет-покупок

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Přidáno December 1, 2014

Экономичный помощник для Aliexpress Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

1. Найти одинаковые товары
2. История цен
3. Цена в приложении
4. Анализ продавца
5. Быстрый доступ на Aliexpress

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Přidáno November 27, 2014

Rangers First

Shop on different stores and contribute to Rangers First.

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Přidáno November 27, 2014 Anywhere

Finder Everywhere checks (in database) if visited page contains any shopping deal and displays it for you.

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Přidáno November 27, 2014

Wunsch Koala Vyžaduje restart

Du siehst irgendwo im Internet ein tolles Geschenk? Füge es mit einem Klick zu deiner Wunschliste hinzu. Teile deine Wunschliste mit deinen Freunden und der Familie. Jeder kann einen Wunsch reservieren und du bekommst nichts doppelt. Jetzt anmelden.

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Přidáno November 26, 2014


Extension allow you to create shopping list across various ecommerce websites and notifiy you whenever price falls down via email.

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Přidáno November 23, 2014

ShapeShift Lens

Send Altcoins to a Bitcoin address using ShapeShift automatic conversion.

Buy anything with your altcoins. Use the Shapeshift Lens to automatically pay any Bitcoin address with the altcoin of your choice.

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Přidáno November 21, 2014

Fitt Vyžaduje restart

Fitt, a discovery app for clothes lovers.
Easily share, spot, and get advice from your friends.

Firefox extension to share your favorite products with your friends.
It's fun and easy.

Welcome to the community !

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Přidáno November 19, 2014

Clubic Bons Plans

Clubic Bons Plans compare les prix automatiquement lorsque vous surfez sur la page d’un produit chez un e-marchand. Profitez également des #bonsplans Clubic grâce aux notifications en temps réel pour être les premiers à en profiter !

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Přidáno November 14, 2014

Wait For Savings

Wait For Savings Lists are universal. You can add anything from any website to your Wait For Savings List making it easier than ever to keep track of all the products you want to buy at the price you are willing to pay!

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Přidáno November 12, 2014


a basic add-on

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Přidáno November 12, 2014



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Přidáno November 11, 2014

Direct Currency Converter Kompatibilní s Firefoxem 57+

Autoconverts prices from any currency to prices in a selectable currency while browsing. Supports $, £, ¥, ؋, ৳, ฿, ៛, ₡, ₦, ₨, ₩, ₪, ₫, €, ₭, ₮, ₱, ₲, ₴, ₵, ₸, ₹, ₺, ₼, ₽, ﷼, etc.

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Přidáno November 6, 2014