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MailNull Now!

An on-the-fly interface for easy creation of new addresses for, which provides an email anonymization and categorization service. This extension lets you control all aspects of address creation, with comments, passwords, timeouts, and...

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Protection contre les pirates et menaces : Protect-Access complète votre anti-virus et votre firewall lors de votre navigation sur internet, et vous protège automatiquement contre les menaces diverses que peuvent représenter certains sites...

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Extended Cookie Manager

Easier cookie managment for Firefox

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Password Analyzer Nevyžaduje restart

Analyzes strength of saved passwords.

Note: This add-on accesses your saved password database and analyzes your passwords locally.

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SRKiosk: a fullscreen kiosk with all menus, keys etc. disabled

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UserCSP Nevyžaduje restart

The goal of this project is to allow savvy users to be able to voluntarily specify their own Content Security Policy (CSP) for websites that may not have implemented CSP.

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Undo Tab @ps

Add a toolbar button onto any toolbar to undo closed tabs

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声牙-视频加速/去广告 Nevyžaduje restart


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Supernet: Internet Security. Privacy. Unblock Nevyžaduje restart

Get access to entertaining content all over the world, keep your online privacy, stay secure when connected to public Wi-Fi.

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Quora me not: Unblur

Unblurs the blurred answers for unregistered users. Also Removes the annoying "You must be signed in to use Quora." message, in case it shows up.

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Whatsapp Web Hide Media Nevyžaduje restart

Hide images on an reveal only mouse over.

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Facebook NoMoreSeen Nevyžaduje restart

Block 'Seen' notifications from your Facebook messages!

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Twitter Block Chain Nevyžaduje restart

Blocks all users on a following/followers page.
Reduce the damage done by retweeting and dogpiling. Simply navigate to a user's followers/following page and activate the extension by clicking the icon next to the address bar.

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Zoho Vault Nevyžaduje restart

Zoho Vault is an online password management software that lets individuals and businesses securely store, share and manage passwords and other sensitive data and access them from anywhere.

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Stop Phishing by VERIFROM Nevyžaduje restart

Participez à la lutte contre le phishing, en signalant les mails de Phishing depuis votre webmail Gmail, Yahoo!,, Orange, SFR,, Free, AOL.
L'extension vous alerte si vous consultez un email ou un site frauduleux (phishing).

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Do Not Survey Nevyžaduje restart

This add-on will tell websites that you do no want to fill out their surveys, and you do not want to be bothered by a survey in anyway whatsoever.

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firefox_addon_proxy Nevyžaduje restart

A basic add-on for proxy.

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JavaScript on-off applet

Applet for JavaScript simple On/Off

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ScrewAds Plus for YouTube

ScrewAds lets you enjoy YouTube videos without the annoying video and image ads.

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Orkut Linkifier

Converts links into genuine ones on orkut, making navigation easier.

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