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Powr of You

Rewarding you for being you!

Connect your Firefox or Chrome browser to your Powr of You ( account and see fun, actionable insights about your online habits on your Life-hacks dashboard.

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Turn on Tracking Protection and fix third-party cookie policy.

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Precise Clear History Vyžaduje restart

Specify date you want erase history from

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PrefBar Vyžaduje restart

The all in one toolbar(item). Houses and manages bigger amounts of buttons (Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, ...), Menus (User Agent spoof...) and checkboxes (Javascript, Flash, ...). Extensible from online-database or with self created buttons.

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Preferences Monitor

Track your Firefox's (about:config) preferences for unwanted changes.

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Prefsearch Vyžaduje restart

Research the preferences listed in about:config via Google.

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Prefswitch Vyžaduje restart

Change preferences with the click of a button from the status-bar.

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Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode for Firefox helps protect your privacy when using Firefox during a presentation.

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Pretty Good ID

Experimental addon for PGID (Pretty Good ID), a more convenient and secure method for logging into websites without using passwords.

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Prevent Fingerprinting on Survey v2

This plugin tries to prevent browser fingerprinting when you take a Climate survey being conducted by a blogger.

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Prevent writing passwords without SSL Vyžaduje restart

This extension prevents user to type a password in a page served without "https" protocol: it disables the input of the password and highlights the password box with red.

I wrote it for people worried about security and privacy.

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Primercato Proxy Utility Vyžaduje restart

Utility for managing Primercato proxy usage

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Priv3 Vyžaduje restart

WARNING: This add-on is not being maintained anymore.
The newer and more generalized version: Priv3+

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Priv3+ Vyžaduje restart

Priv3+ protects you from being tracked by third parties that use cookies. Priv3+ removes cookies from all third party requests (e.g., social widgets, small gifs for behavioral ads), but enables social networking features when you interact with them!

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Manage your tabs in sandboxes increasing your privacy!

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Nastavuje prohlížeč dle doporučení bezpečnostních expertů.

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Privacy + Vyžaduje restart

Better Protection. Did you know that web sites use Flash to track you with Flash based cookies?
Privacy Plus will add a simple checkbox in the [Clear Recent History] dialog that will allow you to delete these cookies (Flash LSO) anytime you like.

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Privacy Badger

Protects your privacy by blocking spying ads and invisible trackers. Warning: This add-on is in alpha, so you may find some bugs! Read more:

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Privacy Dashboard Vyžaduje restart

A privacy assistant developed by W3C for the PrimeLife project

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