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Това разширение показва предупредителен екран, когато отваряте сайт от медийната група на Делян Пеевски.

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$heriff - The price discrimination (PD) add-on.
This is an experimental add-on for research purposes only. It measures the extent of PD and what factors can trigger it.

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(OSI) Open Search Index Nevyžaduje restart

OSI is a distributed P2P project, aiming at creating a censorship free, anonymous and open internet, while earning users OSICoin for submitting results.

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Why 307? - 307 is a server side temporary redirect code. Used by servers to redirect your web-browser to a new directory or a new web site. a redirect service used to make tiny URLs for a lot of uses.

You can protect redirections or ...

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4trust-Защита от мошенников Nevyžaduje restart

4TRUST, сообщает о вредоносных и мошеннических сайтах используя рейтинги пользователей Internet. 4TRUST автоматически проинформирует можно ли доверять открываемому сайту. 4TRUST — это Ваша бесплатная безопасность!

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About Pages Nevyžaduje restart

Quick-access Firefox about: pages from the right-click context menu.

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About sessionstore Nevyžaduje restart

Information about tabs and windows kept in the Session Store.

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About support button

Toolbar Shortcut Button for Mozilla's "about:support" Troubleshooting Information.

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about:addons-memory Nevyžaduje restart

Adds an about:addons-memory page that details add-on memory usage

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about:synckey Nevyžaduje restart

View your Sync Key on your mobile device to set up Sync on a desktop computer.

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Access FreeNetI in iran

Bypasses the filter in Iran.
با نصب این افزونه میتوانید بدون فیلتر به سایت اینترنت ازاد ایران دسترسی داشته باشید .

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Access Me

Access vulnerabilities in an application can allow an attacker to access resources without being authenticated. Access-Me is a Firefox extension used to test for Access vulnerabilities.

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Access Panel Extension Nevyžaduje restart

Access Panel Extension

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Acryptork,privacy factor for orkut

only for orkut users.

This is a data encryption program , which is a boon to those who wish to protect the privacy of some selected scraps , without shutting down their scrapbooks to everyone.

This addon is devel...

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Active Whois plugin for Firefox

Starting Active Whois to get details about any Web site owner and its host server...

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Ad blocker

Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Updated Ad Blocker instead.

It blocks ads on the web pages you visit.

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Ad Blocking FiltersetP

This is FiltersetP without the need for the AdBlock extension.

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Ad Hacker

Ad Hacker shows you which advertisers and publishers are following you around the Internet. Developers can see details about Javascripts, beacons, and other web bugs. Write your own rules for finding bugs in XML, or visit

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Ad Killer

An easy-to-use tool to permanently ban specific annoying ads from your web experience. No typing required - just point and click.

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Ad Limiter Nevyžaduje restart

Search spam blocker. Tells you about the company behind each search result. Limits search ads to one ad per page.

New! - now available on Android

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