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One Click Proxy

One Click Proxy is the fastest and easiest way to use open proxies from !
Only ONE click is needed to set up the proxy in your browser !
Enjoy !
Youtube Demo

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BP Proxy Manager

Change your proxies with a single click. Automatically clears the cache and the cookies before changing the proxy.

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Remove Visited Link Nevyžaduje restart

Change a visited link to unvisited.

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SNAP add-on

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Hide Facebook name Nevyžaduje restart

Simple plugin to hide your Facebook name and profile image from the top panel and the sidebar.
Useful when you're at a crowded place and you don't want anyone to know your account name.

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IPv4 to IPv6 Converter Nevyžaduje restart

Convert Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4) address to Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) address using different methods.

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Socks Switcher

Simple socks proxy switcher. Directly setting and switching from addons panel.

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Scan Url with Nevyžaduje restart

Scansiona link con
Scan link with

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SSL BlueLight

Nofitication of SSL Monitoring based on known inspection Certificates

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A Customized Toolbar Link Button called Epay button which will open directly to the login page of

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Toggle Cipher Suites Nevyžaduje restart

This firefox addon provides a quick way to enable or disable various ssl3 cipher suites used in the browser.

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No more Facebook redirect Nevyžaduje restart

prevent facebook to redirect link to to save your time.

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Null Injection Version 1.0 Nevyžaduje restart

By pressing a key combination, a complete string is generated with bad web characters, static, and numeric counters and copied to the clipboard.

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Avatier Single Sign-On (SSO) Extension

Avatier Single Sign-On (SSO) enables sign-on to cloud-based subscriptions, services and applications. The Avatier SSO app requires the Firefox/Mozilla browser extension to connect an application in the SSO store to its cloud platform.

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Banned in Pakistan Nevyžaduje restart

Lets you request that a blocked URL be unblocked. All your request are stored in a central repository We make sure the authorities hear what you want.

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Anticaptcha Nevyžaduje restart

Расширение позволяет автоматически вводить и подтверждать капчи на сайтах с помощью сервиса

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IndexedDB Browser[Updated FIX] Nevyžaduje restart

Browse IndexedDB Databases in Firefox [Fixed].

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ZXXeverywhere NSA & Snooping Proof Font Tool Nevyžaduje restart

This extension adds the NSA & Surveillence proof ZXX font to pages to protects from mass surveillence by countering character recognition on every website that you visit.

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Chili Safe Surf

Chili Safe Surf is the best way to a completely secure Web browsing experience.
It is a free cross-browser add-on that intercepts, processes, and filters all Web traffic, blocking any malicious content
and taking browser security to new levels.

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Facebook Privacy Relabeller Nevyžaduje restart

Relabells the privacy settings of Facebook posts to reflect recent Australian law changes and proposals.
Facebook post privacy settings are now: "Public", "Friends and ASIO", "Only me and ASIO".

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