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Harmful Web Contents Cleaner Nevyžaduje restart

Webサイトの内容を解析することで、ブロックすべきWebサイトを判定します。 This add-on will judge the Website which should be blocked for children, by analyzing the contents of it.

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IP Geolocator Nevyžaduje restart

Shows detailed information about your IP and location.

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Bandwidth Listening Tool Nevyžaduje restart

An easy way to monitor the bandwidth into your browser.

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Cookie Context

Context menu options for easy access to cookie permissions. For those who have ask for cookie button functionality in the context...

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Access any page via configured web based proxies

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Report easily web sites using spamdexing methods to artificially improve their ranking through simplified access to Google's SpamReport service (

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OpenPGP Enhancements to HTTP. Implement Secure Session Management (user/password-less login to mod_openpgp enabled Apache webservers) and Signed Requests. Enigform has won the 2nd Prize for Les Trophees du Libre Security Category.

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Tired of stupid windows when you only want to clear your history? Sanitize me now!

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Are you looking at stuff you shouldn't be? Whether you are browsing through social networking sites while you're at work or wandering around MySpace while you're at school? Well this extension gives you the ability to close all tabs, while opening an...

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Host Permissions

You can specify which web sites are allowed to change tab's permissions (Image, Redirect, Plug-in, JavaScript, Frame) automatically.

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LongURL Mobile Expander

You should always know where a link takes you before clicking on it. Services like make that difficult. LongURL Mobile Expander uses the web services to let you know where shortened links *really* go.

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Web Page Fixer +

This add-on will fix many web pages that don't show up correctly. It extracts MS Office-exported html (Office Web Components), and fixes many "Internet Explorer only" pages and other web annoyances. For example, you can use this addon to turn symbol ...

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Open Secure

Adds the ability to open a non-secure URL by applying the secure https protocol.

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Clean Tweets

Clean Tweets eliminates spam when using Twitter Search. No more Tweets sending you to malware or porn sites, no more Tweets spamming trends. Clean Tweets completely removes such tweets from ever showing up on your screen.

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Proxy Toolbar for Firefox 3.6 by Sandro Wittwer

A tool bar to manually set and configure your (http) proxies.

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A simple context-menu utility for links, which decodes embedded and cloaked URLs, strips off query-string parameters, and converts text selections to clickable links.

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Visualize SSL fingerprint values and check if the HTTPS connection you're using matches what other people are seeing. WARNING: This extension reports data to a remote server, but you can utilize the reporting exclusion feature or disable reporting.

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ReplayDIRECTOR Add-on for Firefox

ReplayDIRECTOR for Mozilla Firefox is an add-on which can capture screenshots while browsing, and allows for the creation of Replay Markers. See for more info!

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Dot.LC - Quick Link Generator

With "Dot.LC - Quick Link Generator" you can reduce the URLs too long in one click.

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Profanity censorship on Facebook.

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