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Safety Redirector PRO [BETA]

Monitors and redirects browsers to known safe URLS as managed remotely by your IT team. Please consider downloading our FREE version, same features, same everything here:

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Přidáno January 11, 2014

No more Facebook redirect

prevent facebook to redirect link to to save your time.

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Přidáno January 11, 2014

CipherFox Secure Vyžaduje restart

Display the current SSL/TLS cipher and certificate chain. Helps you use the most secure SSL/TLS settings.

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Přidáno January 9, 2014


How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL/TLS connection and gives a brief summary of the cipher suite, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

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Přidáno January 8, 2014


Changes a big URL into short URL.

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Přidáno January 7, 2014


This will take you to for signed screenshots and session logs. The URL of the current web page is copied automatically.

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Přidáno January 5, 2014

Do Not Survey

This add-on will tell websites that you do no want to fill out their surveys, and you do not want to be bothered by a survey in anyway whatsoever.

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Přidáno January 2, 2014

Safety Redirector PRO

In short: SafetyRedirector is an important part to your computer's overall security. Anti-virus programs work only AFTER you've been infected. SafetyRedirector PREVENTS the initial infection from happening!

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Přidáno January 1, 2014

Free Proxy List

Is a easy way to use proxies in firefox from Proxy List site.
You will have just to click a button to setup the proxy in your browser. tool for changing proxies.

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Přidáno December 27, 2013

FireCrypt Vyžaduje restart

Password-based encryption and decryption of text using 256-bit AES.

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Přidáno December 26, 2013

Password Manager's Companion

Context menu for filling forms with saved credentials.

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Přidáno December 25, 2013

History Manager Vyžaduje restart

Manage browsing history by keywords.

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Přidáno December 24, 2013

Best Proxy Switcher Vyžaduje restart

Best Proxy Switcher was developed by the team, who provides proxy service since 2004 year. You can use Best Proxy Switcher with your own proxy or use 3 day FREE trial to let it download most recently checked list from our web site automatically!

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Přidáno December 14, 2013


Helpful for safe and secure transmission of confidential data(TEXT) through E-mails and other social media.

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Přidáno December 14, 2013

Cache Offline Alert Restorer Vyžaduje restart

Restores the alert when a website asks to store data for offline use.

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Přidáno December 13, 2013


Quick access to add-on functions from a toolbar panel: Options, (De)Activate, Details, Home page, Review page, Donation page, Uninstall, Restart application.

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Přidáno December 11, 2013


Cas2play производит автоматический поиск доступного зеркала заблокированного ресурса. В результате, вы в кратчайший срок получаете доступ к полностью функциональному сайту.

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Přidáno December 10, 2013


Расширение yesGame позволяет получить доступ к заблокированным игровым сайтам без внешних ограничений и на максимальной скорости.

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Přidáno December 4, 2013

Toggle Cipher Suites

This firefox addon provides a quick way to enable or disable various ssl3 cipher suites used in the browser.

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Přidáno December 3, 2013

Uncheck Stay-signed-in for Google Login

Uncheck "Stay signed in" automatically for Google Login (Gmail, Google Drive, etc...)

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Přidáno December 2, 2013