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Night Mode Pro Nevyžaduje restart

Switch to night mode and the display is much easier on the eyes!

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Regardez les chaînes de votre Freebox directement depuis votre navigateur. Il faut être éligible au service de télévision. Cette extension utilise le plugin VLC pour mozilla,il faut donc bien veiller à cocher cette case lors de l'installation de VLC.

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1 127 uživatelů Nevyžaduje restart - Сохраняйте любую страницу в 1 клик

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Take Screenshots, Screen Grab with Online Upload

Capture screen grabs aka screen shots and instantly upload online to ImageBam for easy online sharing and storage.

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Sharp Color Picker Nevyžaduje restart

A full featured color selector tool, to work with colors, and easily find the colors you want.

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Watch with MPV Nevyžaduje restart

Watch flash videos from various sites using native player (like mpv) and youtube-dl.

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Rai Smooth Streaming Player (raismth) live channels, vod and replay contents w/o *light (Silverlight/Moonlight)

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Open with Livestreamer Nevyžaduje restart

Launch livestreamer from, or youtube

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1 749 uživatelů - Official Firefox Pugin Official Firefox Plugin

Add torrents with right click - works with publics and private trackers

Documentation :

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Radio Player

Easy access to French radio channels.

Accès rapide et facile aux principales stations de radio françaises

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Web Paint Nevyžaduje restart

Draw shapes, lines, and add text to live web pages and take screenshot.

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Skyyart Live Nevyžaduje restart

L'extension qui te permet de savoir si Skyyart est en Live !

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Mute Tab Nevyžaduje restart

Mute tabs with HTML5 media.

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Video Blocker Nevyžaduje restart

Hide annoying videos on YouTube from any channel you want!

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AdBlock for YouTube™ Nevyžaduje restart

AdBlock for YouTube™ removes all annoying Ads from YouTube

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Meteo Debrideurs Nevyžaduje restart

Une application pour Firefox pour débrider des liens mixturevidéo et purevid.

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x-MuZiC.cOm / YouTube mp3 Nevyžaduje restart

Includes a button on any YouTube Video page that allows its users to make use of the YouTube mp3 technology to obtain a private copy off that video broadcast which they can download.

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Add to Delicious+

Add to Delicious lets you quickly add links from any web page.

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MEO Cloud

Interact with MEO Cloud, send, receive and attach files all without leaving the browser.

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HTML5 Player for YouTube™ Nevyžaduje restart

Play YouTube™ Videos Only in HTML5 Player

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